[How to make Mandarin Fish Hotpot]_Recommended Diet

[How to make Mandarin Fish Hotpot]_Recommended Diet

Mandarin fish, as a fresh and delicious fish, is welcomed and loved by many friends, and its meat quality is relatively fat and firm, which can be made into a variety of delicious dishes.

Among them, the mandarin fish as the bottom of the hot pot is also a good cooking method. In addition, the other ingredients are cooked together and the soup also exudes umami. Next, I will introduce the specific method of the mandarin fish hot pot.


Select fresh mandarin fish, remove the internal organs, and remove the fish gills from the fish head. After cleaning, wash them.


Cut the mandarin fish into pieces of appropriate size, pour in the cooking wine, and place the ginger slices and green onion segments for marinating.


Cut the garlic in half, and prepare the right amount of ginger slices, spring onion segments, and various spices such as pepper, citrus peel.


According to your own taste, buy the hot pot bottom material and stir fry in a hot oil pan, so that it tastes more fragrant.


Then quickly add aniseed ingredients such as peppercorns, onion segments, ginger slices, garlic slices, etc., and stir-fry.


Put mandarin fish pieces, or you can dip the mandarin fish pieces with starch and fry them in an oil pan, and then put them in the pan.


Prepare other side dishes. A few common ones include tofu cuts, enoki mushrooms, root cleaning, spares, washed vegetables and cut into sections, and various meat ingredients. You can add your favorite ingredients.


When eating, add a moderate amount of water, and it is best to eat meat before eating.

The above is the specific method of mandarin fish hot pot. Friends who like hot pot and mandarin fish can try to make it at home. The method is simple and easy to operate.

At the same time, you can also choose the hotpot base or some side dishes according to your preferences and tastes, which is clean and hygienic and easy to eat.

Especially in winter, it can also remove the cold in the axial direction, and the nutrition of sweet-scented osmanthus is also high. Try it now!