[Benefits and disadvantages of eating cooked garlic]

[Benefits and disadvantages of eating cooked garlic]

Garlic is often seen in our lives, and it is an essential ingredient for cooking. Garlic is also a unique fragrance.

Usually the body is bitten by mosquitoes, and it will be disinfected with garlic. The garlic has a good sterilization and disinfection function.

However, you ca n’t eat more garlic. The garlic is spicy and irritating.

The most important thing is that eating more garlic can easily induce anemia, so people with symptoms of anemia should eat less garlic.

Benefits: Cooked garlic contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, trace amounts, sugar, vitamins and minerals, which is a rare health medicine.

Eating cooked garlic often can promote appetite, help digestion, and eliminate stagnant meat.

Eat garlic or prevent atherosclerosis, lower plasma and lower blood sugar, blood pressure.

In addition, there are some suggestions for eating garlic: 1.

Garlic can be eaten raw, mashed, eaten, decoction, or mashed, and sliced into the acupoint.


The therapeutic effect of sprouted garlic is very small. It is not advisable to pickle garlic for too long, so as not to damage the effective ingredients.


Add some minced garlic before some mature pans to add some flavor.


Add some garlic cubes when cooking fish and cooking meat to eliminate fishy smell and remove odor.


Add some garlic paste when making cold dishes, it will transform into spicy and spicy flavor.


Mix sesame oil, soy sauce, etc. with garlic, and note that when eating jelly, dip in dumplings.

Disadvantages: First of all, eating garlic can disinfect, anti-inflammatory, and has a good disinfection and anti-toxic effect on the human body, but eating too much garlic will also cause damage to our gastric mucosa, causing stomach pain, abdominal pain and other discomfort, so garlic alsoDon’t eat more.

Usually, people who have eye disease eat as little or as little garlic as possible, because eating more garlic can make eye diseases worse, causing tinnitus, deafness and other symptoms, so for patients with eye diseases try to eat less or not eat garlic.
The reason is that people with liver disease try to eat or not eat garlic as much as possible, because garlic does not have a sterilizing effect on the liver disease virus, but rather aggravates the disease, so patients who can cure liver disease try to eat less or not eat garlic.

Also, eating too much garlic can also cause or cause anemia. Some elements in garlic can reduce the content of red blood cells and hemoglobin in our body, thereby causing anemia, so people with anemia try not to eat garlic.

Also, although it plays an important bactericidal effect on the human body, one clove of garlic per day is just the right amount, but once eaten too much, it will also kill the beneficial bacteria in our body, so it can also have a certain effect on our body.The harm is, so we should also eat less garlic and try to control the daily intake of garlic.

In the end, although garlic can treat cancer, it cannot be eaten by people with nonbacterial diarrhea and prevention of complications, because it does not function as garlic should, but it makes our bodies and stomach feel more uncomfortable.So try not to eat garlic.