Beautician teaches you to eat beautiful skin


Beautician teaches you to eat beautiful skin

Regular and balanced diet can promote beautiful and healthy skin.

The nutrients include animal and plant proteins, as well as vitamins B, E, and C.

In particular, vitamin B, which is known as “cosmetic vitamin”, can be cited in the treatment of skin diseases.

These vitamins B, C, and E connect the capillaries and keep replenishing the skin with the necessary nutrients to promote healthy and supple skin growth.

  Vitamin B is mostly contained in foods such as liver, lean meat, eel, milk and eggs; vitamin E is stored in liver and cream; vitamin C is abundant in fruits such as grapefruit and orange.

  For breakfast, an orange and a glass of green vegetable juice can not only moisturize the skin, but also prevent constipation.

  Even though the liver food is mostly absorbed by women, the quantitative intake on average every week or 10 days really helps the beauty.

  Lack of vitamin A accelerates skin aging. Titanium sulfate is a highly viscous multi-class substance, which requires a large amount of vitamin A to participate in its synthesis.

Vitamin A deficiency naturally leads to a decrease in chondroitin sulfate synthesis, which can affect the health of the skin.

  In fact, skin aging caused by vitamin A deficiency or skin aging in normal physiological progression is related to the weakening of the ability to synthesize cellulose sulfate. Therefore, vitamin A deficiency can accelerate skin aging.

  Vitamin A is also a nutrient component of thalamic, pituitary and other important endocrine hormones.

When it is insufficient, it cannot make the ovaries issue normal hormone secretion instructions, resulting in low ovarian function, relatively increased male hormones, prone to acne on the skin, and affecting the appearance of the skin.

  Colored vegetables have a high rate of carotene conversion to vitamin A, so people can get a lot of vitamin A from vegetables.

  Of course, animal food is inadequate, and carotene does not convert well into vitamin A.

Therefore, if you want to stay young and beautiful, you should eat as many animal foods as high in vitamin A, such as liver, lean meat, egg yolk and so on.

  Vitamin B2 deficiency also seriously affects the appearance of the skin. The rice, noodles, and oils we eat can all be transformed into human aunts in the body.

When it exceeds the human body’s requirements, adults will excrete the skin surface from the sebaceous glands of the skin or store them in the pores.

Aunts in the pores are often the place where parasites and pyogenic bacteria multiply, so they are more prone to acne, folliculitis, and rosacea.

  Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause the above-mentioned diseases to occur.

Because auntie needs a lot of vitamin B2 when “burning”, auntie lacking B2 will be stored in pores, increase skin secretion, and develop acne.

  Your aunt’s “burn” requires not only vitamin B2, but also methionine.

Proteases are found in very small amounts in grains and vegetables and are found in large amounts in animal foods such as meat, liver, fish, and eggs.

Meat, liver, fish, and eggs are also rich in vitamin B. To keep your skin beautiful, you should eat more of these foods.

In addition, eating more potatoes, apples, whole grains and other foods to ensure smooth stool will also save a lot of vitamin B2 methionine.

  The ability of sugar to transform into aunt is three times that of starch. Eating more sugar will promote the growth of acne like the aunt. In order to maintain skin beauty, the intake of aunt and sugar should be controlled.

  Vitamin C deficiency leads to enlarged pores. Many experts have found that vitamin C deficiency causes skin pores to become larger and harder like thorns after multiple vitamin deficiency tests and observational studies of vitamin cases. Microscopic observations of pores with horns like pores can be observed with a microscope.layer.

Hair cannot be crystallized, the diameter is within the pores, the blood vessels around the pores are enlarged, congestion is caused, and acne is more serious, and it is difficult to heal when there is a wound.

  Vitamin C also enhances white blood cells and swallows pyogenic bacteria.

Vegetables contain baicalein and vitamin C. If they are too much, the pyogenic bacteria will stop secreting enzymes. Therefore, people who eat a lot of vegetables will not easily develop folliculitis on the skin, and the skin will be shiny and beautiful.

  Baicalein is a yellow substance dissolved in vegetable juice, and rutin is its representative.

  It can be seen that skin beauty is closely related to vitamins A, B, C and methionine.

If it is said that these ensure the beauty of the skin is not excessive.

Except for vitamin C, these nutrients are abundantly found in animal foods such as lean meat, liver, fish, and eggs.

Vitamin C is found in fresh yellow-green vegetables.

Therefore, we properly design recipes properly to help get enough nutrients from food and ensure youthfulness.