Rice water drained?Taomi four medicinal value you do not know


Taomi useless do in life, there will be rice water every day, we are all directly washed out。In fact, do not underestimate the rice water, rice water also has medicinal value。
Taomi four medicinal value for many people, usually after we finished cooking rice, we are in the habit of the rice water drained, that it is no use, it is not true, there are a lot of rice water effect, not only is a natural detergent, but also high medicinal value, so after scouring finished rice, rice water must not lose, rational use not only clean but also some minor illnesses have a good effect。1, rice washing water containing nutrients proteins, starch, minerals, etc., can be used to wash, skin, boiled for drinking, help protect the stomach mucous membrane, improve digestion and elimination of food product。2, rice water contains a certain amount of protein, vitamins and trace elements, especially the first one or two rice water containing potassium, rice water would exhibit weak acid about PH value, after addition of salt medicine, having a clear fire, cold blood, detoxifying effect。
3, in the eyes of dermatology physician, rice water as well as a different kind of effect – remove oil emollient。
In particular acne, oily pores of the skin of the people, wash your face with rice water, not only can get rid of the skin of dirt, will not irritate the skin。
4, a first wash with water meters, and then warm water wash rice, rice water channel fitted to this small clean container, to find a small piece of gauze, can wipe the baby teeth and oral, play clean, clear fire, remove taste effect。
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