"Cigarette after a meal is better than life," which a few short-lived thing you've ever done it?(1)


  "Cigarette after a meal is better than life," "walk after dinner, live to 99." ……You is not heard of a similar health tips yet?A lot of people shining these "guidelines" is to adhere to a few years, but hurt health。  What are taboo in the end after a meal?Some of the symptoms after a meal foreshadowed what health problems?Leading experts to give you the "health after a meal," Li several rules。  10 things to do after a meal do not rush 1 no hurry to smoke after a meal gastric motility speed, increased gastrointestinal blood circulation, causing the body to absorb more harmful ingredients in cigarettes, 10 times more hazardous than usual。
  2 does not rush tea in the tea acidic substance may be combined with a large number of food iron, zinc and other substances difficult to dissolve into, can not be absorbed, resulting in the loss of iron in food vain。Over half an hour before drinking will not have much impact。
  3 in no hurry to take a bath after dinner take a bath, body surface will increase blood flow, gastrointestinal blood flow will be reduced, so that the stomach's digestive function。Best to rest for 1-2 hours before bathing。
  4 no hurry relaxed belt Eat immediately after relaxed belt, will make the product fall within the abdominal cavity, weakening the supporting role of the digestive tract, resulting in increased activity of the digestive organs and ligaments load, easily lead to ptosis, upper abdominal discomfort。So eat do not eat too much support, so as not to put pressure on the abdominal belt。  5 in no hurry to go to bed saying goes, "lie down after a meal, not long long forty-two catty," he says go to bed immediately after a meal is easy to gain weight。Medical scientists warned that to rest at least 20 minutes after a meal and then go to bed。  6 no hurry to take a walk after dinner walk immediately, due to increased movement affect digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract。
Especially the elderly, may lead to impaired heart function, blood pressure and hardening of the arteries reflectance adjusting dysfunction。
It recommended after a break of 30 minutes after food digestion activity。
  7 A survey shows that in no hurry to drive, the driver after a meal immediately drove prone to car accidents。This is because people eat after gastrointestinal digestion of food requires a lot of blood, likely to cause transient ischemic brain, resulting in operational errors。Proper rest for 30 minutes before driving the best。  8 in no hurry to eat fruit food into the stomach to be digested process 1-2, in order to discharge the small intestine slowly。Immediately after a meal to eat fruit, food will be blocked in the stomach, the long-term can lead to digestive disorders。
The best eating fruit before meals, is conducive to the absorption of vitamin。
  9 no hurry to eat meal a large number of people brushing acidic foods will be attached to the tooth enamel will soften the tooth surface, even dental glaze layer of calcium, phosphorus molecules react, to separate calcium, phosphorus, teeth will become soft and brittle, damage dental health。
  10 in no hurry to workout meal immediately exercise, likely to cause indigestion, if greater intensity of exercise, can also cause abdominal pain or gastrointestinal disease, patients with cardiovascular disease are also at risk。
Therefore, eating breakfast at least half an hour to go exercise。