Baby summer diarrhea how to do smaller meals is the key


Baby summer diarrhea how to do summer despite the hot weather, but the baby easily catch cold diarrhea。Well, baby summer diarrhea how to do, what it needs to do with diet and 6681 net night to look at the baby summer diarrhea how to do it introduced!Baby how to do a summer diarrhea, diarrhea after smaller meals children, many parents would choose for granted fast, in fact, this is not right。The correct approach is to follow the principles of smaller meals, 6 months breast-fed children continue breastfeeding, it should be noted some times more than the original, and breastfeeding mothers should eat less fatty foods; or milk to feed children in the feed corresponding to the usual milk was added 2-fold warm water。Complementary feeding for children already can eat to his light food, such as porridge, porridge, noodles; but can not give him to eat greasy meat, cold not eat, not eat spicy food, flatulence fermented foods, high fat high-protein foods, avoid fasting。2, observe the mental state and urine output are now many parents are reluctant to let the children stay in the hospital, so some choose to go home after treatment were observed, and some choose their own treatment at home by experience。Parents at home time to observe the mental state of the child, if the spirit is good, you can continue observation and treatment, if the spirit is not good, then we should quickly seek medical treatment; in addition, you can also observe the child's urine, if the child's urine more normal words treatment may continue to observe, if the child's urine in the case replenish moisture, or significantly reduced than usual, it must quickly seek medical treatment。3 baby summer diarrhea how to do, not free to use antibiotics baby diarrhea divided into three kinds, in which physiological diarrhea, diarrhea prey do not need medication, infectious diarrhea require medication under the guidance of a doctor。And long-term use of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, can cause intestinal flora disturbance, the diarrhea worse。
So, to be clear in the diagnosis of the situation, reasonable, adequate, standardized use of antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor。
4, replenish moisture no matter what the cause of diarrhea in children, should give the child time to add water。
Parents can give their children supplements of water, but it is best to add salt water or sugar, salt, due to diarrhea in children is not only water, but also the lack of salt, if pure drinking water, will be more dry mouth。
Oral rehydration salts can be warm water, clothes several times to feed their children, the specific application of oral rehydration salts, must be carried out under the guidance of doctors。
More than 6 months, children can feed some rice soup until the diarrhea stops。Do not drink high-sugar drinks, sweet tea, soft drinks to children, because they can make diarrhea worse。