It is called "longevity fruit", but it is eight kinds of people, "straw"!


  Eat not only help prolong life, but also fat, lowering blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular disease, such as cancer prevention has become one of the traditional food much people loved。
  However, we must note, is the eight categories of people, "straw" Come and see if you!  Be careful!Eight kinds of people of "straw"!  It called "Changsheng Guo", but it is eight kinds of people, "straw"!Come and see it without you!  1 cholecystectomy people are high-fat foods, after cholecystectomy, bile can not be saved, not easy to digest the absorption of fat in peanuts, detrimental to human health。
  2 people pancreatitis patients suffering from pancreatitis, pancreatic been hit hard, digestion greatly weakened, while the protein content is relatively high, people with pancreatitis after eating peanuts, can cause indigestion symptoms, may induce digestive disease。   3 patients with gout gout patients generally have hyperuricemia, but high-fat diet will be worse。
  There are 4 hyperlipoproteinemia people are high-fat, high-calorie foods, eating too much will be worse, can lead to coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases。   5 strong anger, people get angry heat itself is relatively dry, can cause, aggravate, "anger", suffering from mouth ulcers, heat Huo people buried bleeding should not eat or eat less, to avoid worse。
  6 spleen, gastrointestinal diseases people spleen, intestinal diseases, digestive function is relatively weak, should not eat。   7 oily skin, human skin oil secretion is easy to Zhangdou relatively strong, it is easy to Zhangdou people should eat less。 In addition, bleeding, clotting effect, high blood viscosity, thrombosis of people unfit for human consumption。   8 people who want to lose weight calories and fat content are high, people want to lose weight should stay away from peanuts。