= Wayward money?The super-rich do not make financial mistakes easily


Tencent securities FRANCISCO March 17 news, the US financial media market observers published an article that there is no thought, like Warren – Warren Buffett, Mark – Mark Cuban Such super-rich is how to live?Of course, they may have some extravagant habits, but they are likely to be followed and you the same key financial rules to help them preserve and increase wealth。 Even if you have not accumulated wealth under the first pen of their own, you can also benefit from these rules。 Here are five rules: First, they do not have money to spend。
"Most people are on their own to make a living wage, they spend the earned money to enjoy life, then dutifully save up to spend the rest of the。 Unfortunately, what usually left over money。
"Chicago BKD Wealth Advisors company certified financial planner and senior managing director Steve – Martin said。
"On the other hand, successful people will make money, then first we decided to save up money to save up a single。
"Made money, pay yourself first。 You can also do this, the part of the salary transferred to a savings account, or set up automatic transfers from checking accounts to savings accounts, so a little bit of rich people achieve their goals。
You have to learn to delay gratification of their own desires, avoid the use of credit card debt such as wealth killer。 Second, they do not miss the opportunity to increase wealth。
After obtaining a high-paying job, the rich do not stop working。 Whether it is through the efforts of a raise and promotion, they are constantly looking for ways to improve their financial situation and, or find other sources of income and entrepreneurial。 Also, when the increase of their income, they will make sure we do not increase at the same rate of speed money。 This group of people, they strive to live better, are more likely to invest in financial markets。
Martin said: "They know might lose money, but by investing regularly, they will get the opportunity to understand the long-term growth of wealth。 "Third, they do not make emotional financial decisions。
"Financially successful people not to invest based on intuition and emotion, make a decision after careful consideration, but considering the long-term goals and strategies。 They believe that the establishment of a comprehensive plan of action and follow the plan。
"Anna, executive vice president of Bernard -R – Mary said。 "They will not follow the trend of investment fashion or hot spots."。 It is understood that, when it comes to money, the reason is not entirely easy, which is to create a precautionary reasons irrational decision-making system。 Before involving large investments, to adhere to a 24-hour cooling-off period。
Or develop a set of rules to ensure the safety of the purchase of new investment products, such as the threshold of a particular stock returns。 Fourth, do not put all your eggs in one basket。 High net worth clients understand the diverse needs, and (different sources of income) how to work together。 This means that, by their own employer's stock gains across the board to achieve retirement security, or to spend all their savings on real estate projects, the goal is to find successful people in several different ways to make money and then use them as part of a larger portfolio to holistic view。
"If designed well, there will always be some investment projects better performance than other projects in different time periods。
This reduces your risk exposure。
When looking forward to a comprehensive revenue to be realistic, because you know that you are focused on the long-term。 "Anna – Marie says。
Fifth, they do not act alone。 Financially Successful people do not take their jobs adventure。 In other words, if they do not know what to decide a lot of money, they will seek help。
Anna – Marie said, in some cases, financial advice should come from a trusted adviser, his job is to create a financial plan to address the complex issues of tax, estate planning and income distribution during retirement。 But help is not always meant to pay for financial advice。 If you find yourself in unknown areas of finance, you can consult those encountered a similar situation in the case of success friends, such as the analysis of online financial experts。