America, Dr. Chinese ride home was hit and killed the driver identity still unknown


Source: Chinese living network November 27 China Electric America, Dr. ride home was hit and killed。 23 doctoral piano at Arizona State University (ASU) China Wen Xiaoying students near the school was killed in a car accident。 Time of the incident he was cycling home, at the crossroads of the truck was hit, the night she died。
Police not yet released the identity of the driver of the truck incident。
According to Chinese living network reported that police said the truck in the accident have right of way, but friends said Wen Xiaoying, Crossroads lights are timed, so when the time of the accident the driver cultural Xiaoying are in a state of green light。 It is reported that Wen Xiaoying from Chengdu, in Sichuan Conservatory of Music after obtaining a bachelor's degree and went to study at the University of Missouri-Columbia, a Master of Music in Piano Performance。
In 2014, Wen Xiaoying went to pursue a doctorate in musical arts of Arizona State University。 Wen Xiaoying mentor, an associate professor of piano at Arizona State University Meir said Wen Xiaoying is a very talented and hard working student。
"He is the hardest I've ever seen pianist, he practiced about 10 hours a day。 "Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles attaches great importance to the case, has contacted the school to understand the accident to the police, the consulate also help to contact the families of the deceased and to assist with the United States domestic procedures。 Source: Chinese living network Xiaoying later killed, students placed flowers at the site of his accident, with a candle。
Wen Xiaoying memorial service is also planned。
(Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。