4-2!Adu 34 points and the Thunder into the finals reversed Duncan 25 points and difficult to back days


  Ticker on June 7th, 18 points behind the Thunder in the case of reversal, home to 107-99 victory over the Spurs, with a total score of 4-2 in the finals。   Thunder complete reversal。 Kevin – Durant scored 34 points and 14 rebounds, 8 pointers went 4。
Russell – Westbrook 25 points, eight rebounds and five assists, James – Harden 16 points。
  Cornered the Spurs in the first half mad, but the second half physical decline。
Tony – Tony Parker in the first half would have had 21 points and 10 assists, scored 29 points and 12 assists, Tim – Tim Duncan 25 points and 14 rebounds。   "Captain" – Stephen Jackson also crazy, his three-pointers off the bench 6-7, 23 points。
Manu – Manu Ginobili 10 points。
  Spurs cornered, either win or go home。 If the Spurs had also reserved words, today they released everything in their power, from an opening, crazy bombing Thunder basket。
  Ginobili continue starting, an opening on the third hit, followed by Duncan succeeded twice in the distance, all three offensive assists from Parker。 Parker Since then attack their own, four consecutive shots within 85 seconds, the Spurs lead to 15-8。
Spurs ammunition depot just opened, after which Parker is not only continuous attack the basket, even two-thirds vote, the second kick, he had 17 points and five assists for Houston ()。 Some confusion in the Spurs Thunder frenzied attack, worry about the outcome himself in the attack, more mistakes, reaching a maximum of 18 points when the gap between the two teams。 After the first section, the Thunder can only recover as the score 20-34。
  Gary – Neal because of injury, did not travel together to Oklahoma City, then only their own plane arrived。 Section II beginning he would vote in the third, Harden just to a record one-third, Jackson immediately hit the long shot。
From the first to the pre-holiday three minutes, the Spurs hit rate as high as 63%。
This section and 7 minutes 13 seconds, Ginobili hit third again, leading the Spurs to 48-30。 After the Spurs finally hit rate has declined, thunder several times to narrow the gap to 13 points。
Durant at the end of this section will hit a record one-third (), Thunder in the first half to fall behind 48-63。   Spurs hit rate% in the first half, was 9 of 15 three-pointers off the bench Jackson outbreak third of 4 from 4, scored 12 points, Parker had 21 points and 10 assists。
  Spurs an opening to doing the best, this is a huge test of their strength。 The second half began, the Spurs physical decline, and the hit rate also decreased。
Thunder began to enter the state, Durant and Westbrook have succeeded, they wave 11-2 start this section, chasing the score 59-65 in one fell swoop。
  Thunder will narrow the gap to 1 point。 Jackson has hit two three-pointers, the Spurs in the third quarter and 3 minutes and 29 seconds to lead 77-72。
Thunder Houjinshizu, Westbrook continuous shooting, and Durant long shot succeeded (), scored after 7 minutes, this section have 1 minute 39 seconds, ahead Thunder 79-77。 Spurs have to rely on Jackson, his foul from behind the arc, two of three free throws, to level the score。 After three sessions, the Spurs to 81-80 lead 1 minute。 This section of Thunder to 32-18 win。   Spurs hit rate continued to decline, the fourth quarter played six minutes and 30 seconds, they just hit a ball, expand the Thunder to 90-84。 Several crucial penalty against Spurs also unfavorable, the Spurs missed several opportunities approximation。
  After the Spurs in a row not in the third, not to foul tactics, but also on the defensive loopholes, Perkins was slipped under the basket, he took Durant pass, easy dunk, when there are seconds in the game, Thunder at 105-99 lead。   Ginobili grab two-thirds vote still failed to hit, the Spurs finally to foul tactics, Harden firmly hit two free throws, the Thunder lead eight minutes, this time from the end of the game only seconds。
  Spurs failed to create a miracle, finally accepted the reversal of fate。
After all the energy released in the first half, second half, the Spurs failed to withstand the young Thunder, their season came to an end。     (Angkor)。