This blood type pregnant woman turned out to be the most difficult


For any pregnancy a family are very happy thing, but if a woman is not pregnant, for a family of injury is very large。 Some people say that there are some blood of pregnant women is difficult, is this really Below we explain!A US study showed that there was?Compared with other blood type blood woman pregnant woman is more difficult mainly because they may secrete more FSH。 The follicle stimulating hormone is what stuff it What are the implications for pregnant women?Blood type pregnant woman really difficult to find out。
Blood affect the pregnancy difficulty?Blood type pregnant women can not, according to a study undertaken jointly US scientists found that, compared to other blood type female, O- type blood of pregnant women is not easy。
The results found that in women under the age of 35 the average age of 560, O- blood type blood group of women is lower than other women the chances of pregnancy, the chances of pregnancy for the group with the highest alpha-blood women。 This blood type pregnant woman turned out to be the most difficult to interpret expert, O- type blood women may secrete more of follicle stimulating hormone, and this hormone inhibits ovulation。 According to their findings, O- blood type than women secrete blood type A female follicle stimulating hormone and more than double。 Women different blood follicle stimulating hormone secretion may differ genetically determined。
Meanwhile, this research indicates that women at the age of 30-40, will reduce the amount of ovulation, this time, the more the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone, ovarian ovulation more difficult。 So, 30-40-year-old?Blood type female infertility increased the chances of。
Although the impact of blood on the degree of difficulty to conceive is an interesting piece of research, but the results are still to be confirmed。
Previously mentioned?The reason why pregnant women blood type is difficult, the experts concluded that the reason is because of its hormone content are different from other blood types, the most immediate thing is follicle-stimulating hormone。
The hormones in the end is Gesha stuff does she have any effect on pregnant women。