Familiar rhythm?PK Manchester United and then Real Madrid Tottenham defender to grab the other side is willing to release


  Recently, Manchester United once again be said to occupy a large layout in the transfer market。
They have heard the news and move players Beilai Lin, if the day Mourinho, Guevara and other inside, this feeling of deja vu。
Now, around Tottenham defender Al Devi Stewart star of transfer rumors for some time, including Manchester United and Real Madrid are interested in the name of Belgian internationals away。
"Daily Mail" that if Tottenham defender insists on leaving the team, Tottenham will not stop。   This summer, Tottenham's main defender Alberto Devilder no contract with the team, he wants to leave White Hart Lane。 Premier League Manchester United and Real Madrid La Liga hope to introduce this name when in the play of guard。 And Tottenham If you receive the right offer will sell Alder Velde, coach Rinpoche Tarantino would not mind his departure, he hoped that the guidance for the full effectiveness of the Spurs players, and the team is not for sale marginalization and mind player of。 Kyle – Walker is an example, last season, he was used sparingly, and eventually joined Manchester City。
  Coincidentally, the team left-back Danny – Ross after publicly questioning the club's wage structure, his role in the team has gradually disappeared, he may also be sold this summer。 Alder Velde after a hamstring recovery rejoin, but has not returned to the lineup, in the absence of and renew the team, he is likely to be sold。   (walnut)。