Chinese students are studying in the UK sixty elderly known as "the youngest baby."


Source: China Overseas Network December 7 electricity for most people, nearly sixty years, age is old age。 But the "old Taiyuan," Cui peace, put her old age had children out of new tricks!In November last year, Cui occasionally turned to see an English language school describes the information。 "The British and live together, eat authentic British cuisine, listen to authentic English, but also on weekends to visit and study in the vicinity," to see the information in the introduction to the study of life, Cui excited。
"I am the master of things, it is so headstrong!"With the support of his wife and daughter, 59-year-old Cui called the number on the study brochure。 In accordance with the instructions of the staff enthusiasm, he was a step by step registration, registration, payment。 In April, after the contact a good school and host family and other matters, paid all the expenses 120,000 yuan, Cui old embarked on the road to study in the UK。 Cui peace in view, the booklet is only fuse, but it is his long-planned study abroad thing。
"I do anything is planned, it is impossible to dry a racking our brains。
Purpose "and his visit to Britain, is learning English。 According to Cui Peace said, he grew to love learning, high school English class Shihai served on behalf of, a good foundation in English。 But then because of work, marriage and children and other reasons, the English simply can gradually returned to the teacher。 20 years ago, because the unit restructuring, he laid off。
With his camera expertise, he started out working hard。
Pictures, planning to participate in a variety of photo exhibition……Gradually, he also had the opportunity to go abroad, and international exchange of friends。
It was then that he realized that his English was too lacking。
2015, Cui peace alone, poor travel in Europe 74 days。
Make plans, find a hotel, the more he felt that his English has become the biggest obstacle。 Therefore, the system to learn English, became his inner most desire thing。 The exposure to the language environment, is undoubtedly the best choice to learn English。 He studied the English language of this school, who are interested in English learning platform in the UK study of young job seekers and foreign。 Therefore, in the picturesque campus, coming and going of fifteen-year-old Spanish boy, the Japanese girls in their late teens, there are Chilean guy twenties。 Cui peaceful walk on campus, and it seems that some offenders, but it does not play。 He often wore a pink shirt, a clean-shaven, look young and energetic, the students called him "Old Boy"。
Monday to Friday, schools have classes every day。
Cui peace will seriously preview before class, come to class; never late to class, one hundred percent attendance; you do not understand the problem, he would always ask。 Because of this effort, he inadvertently, also won the first class; the main subject teachers take over Choi peace on his assessment is "verygoood"。 Spare time, Cui peace also arranged very compact。
He picked up the camera, freeze the beautiful local moment; using a mobile phone, vivid interesting picture; in words, recording in detail the process of their own to study in the UK。
His diary, had written over 20 million words。 All data are recorded his student life emotions, ups and downs, as well as thrilling encounter different smell wonders。 Because Cui active, where he met many new friends from all over the world。 Cui did not play the old English name, but foreigners are not allowed to pronounce, just put "peace" called into "happy"。
Precisely in line with Cui happy old passion for nature。
There are more than three months, Cui old student life is over。
He knew time rush, so especially cherish the limited learning time, ready to use weekend time to see as much of the scenery。
Cui said that his study is not the end of learning。
Rather, it is another starting point of his life, "and mastered the knowledge of English system, I can use it to do more。
"In fact, Cui peace with the same courage to the heart 'wayward' idea into practice a few of the elderly。
Malaysian Chinese students Zheng Jianyang, 81-year-old last year, to 160,000 words master's thesis, graduated from Shanghai University; Shandong Juye Jiang Shumei, 60-year-old to read, write books became popular 76 years; Melbourne Tony, 80-year-old began learning to fly, 81-year-old finally fulfilled his childhood dream……Life is never too late to start, unless they have given up curiosity and enthusiasm for this world。
(Overseas Chinese network, China Youth Daily, Taiyuan Evening News, Sohu, Melbourne life) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。