e talked about, the Mother Lin Shu, previously outside said bad things about you, you know, our family attended the banquet with a lot of girls, how many listen so once been to, I have not got the idea, I also forget and you say.”She was very depressed, which was actually not the slightest Pei Yuzhuo curious, not angry.


  ”May be mi南宁桑拿sinformation, my cousin very good.”
  ”That’s not necessarily a.”Gu liang suddenly attacked, caught Pei Yuzhuo hand, sometimes some stunned, how she felt each other once tender hand, recently a lot of rough, but also faint touch the cocoon of it, but this is not a critical thing, she then go on, “she said, but都市兔兔 straight up, she was head hate you, that you took advantage of her family’s cheap, Yuzhuo, you can not blame me make a fuss, you can simple people, I am afraid you are not careful, she bullied, and how it can do.”
  ”Well, liang, or do you good to me, I would be careful of.”Pei Yuzhuo take back his hand with a smile, a rare warm.
  Gu Yu Niang heart of a happy, feel that this move on the right track, even if his father have to follow the prince to go, she is not afraid!
  Both of them casually chatted for a few words, not much can talk things, too soon ended, Gu Pei Yuzhuo away liang, then sit back to the house, she frowned, some things can not figure out recently, in the final analysis , again this year early, after all, is also a child, she just simply by virtue of her intuition, to see other people’s likes and dislikes wrong, she ju北京夜网st noticed clearly, in their own time and care liang warm up, the other special excitement.
  Gu liang because I miss her friends, or her friends, it ulterior motives?
  Pei Yuzhuo pondered his eyes fell on the pressure on the table stationery, this time, she and her father and from a few replies, and now, she often clumsily published some naive point of view, and his father discuss the military forces of the front row road , but also tell life encountered a variety of matters, regarded as the father and daug