quickly, recovering himself, his heart is still very disdain, you know, the last generation, the worst was undoubtedly Guo Jiuye home when the Queen North Korea, after the emperor ascended the throne, continued to marry following the post, did not give birth to prince can still give a lot to take care of home Guo Jiuye.


  Pei Yuzhuo biological mother, the queen exchange a sister, she also cried when I heard Guo Jiuye uncle, although the two have such a relationship, when can dealings, feeling not good, because this is a young occur when Pei Yuzhuo pile things, Gu Yu Niang but have heard, she heard, then Pei Yuzhuo have to go lords who lives in the las南宁夜网t couple of weeks a year, the other out of her young mother, not the father in caring side, considerate in every possible way, the results led to Lin Shu mother’s jealousy, the other in their own backyard, pretending to accidentally directly back Pei Yuzhuo river, I heard that when she was a little sick, very guilty lords, outside the temple to the Mother Lin Shu training a long time, I do not know who the girl is among those sites, the heart has ravines, so they accidentally put the news spread out behind Lin Shu Mother heard marital disruption, and finally married a hastily posted officers, I did not re-heard news.
  The thought of this, Gu Yu Niang immediately sit still, this is a good opportunity to play her: “Yuzhuo, there is a saying, I do not know when to say improper say.”
  ”Since you feel is inappropriate, it said it woul广州桑拿网d let up.”Pei Yuzhuo look kindly looked back, people are very concerned about fancy.
  Gu liang meal, embarrassed smile, she can not xiaonianqing thin-skinned, it is also hard and talking down: “Nothing improper to say, in fact, I was afraid to say you mind.”She paused, Pei Yuzhuo reaction was observed, but the other ve北京风月会所ry calm, not see his face uneasy,” you cousin.Shu is called your mother right?”
  ”That’s right up.”Gu Yu Niang speech was dedicated, a palm shoot,” I heard my sister, all sh