her and even in private exchanges did not, how can they convince each other?Rebirth things, too amazing, I’m afraid no one would believe her.The second thing is to want to lay a good relationship and Pei Yuzhuo, the other just a little old lady of good coax, so long as to become a close friend, after at least be able to keep his home.


  ”Miss, to.”Naya Huan spoke again, she looked at the front leading the way Kurtis girl, very embarrassed, people always think Miss mansion lost in the ugly, no return on such a short distance, always distracted Miss.
  ”Ok.”Liang Gu nodded, finishing a lot of mood, entered the room, they opened a smile, directed 淡水桑拿at Pei Yuzhuo, is a burst of jokes, ‘Yuzhuo, a few days gone, You’re high, students have also.’She was about to praise each other fair-skinned, slender physique, but found that, somehow, the other in this winter, black seems a lot.
  ”You too.”Pei Yuzhuo did not hesitate to boast back, she now has to understand skill and care liang 北京夜网exchanges, anyway, as long as she quickly take it, you can change to the next topic.
  ”I had to go home and worship, brought you a gift.”She waved his hand, let’s behind the maid took out the gift, after all these years, in fact, she did not quite know how to get along and girls this age, only know how to say a good word, multi-point to send gift.
  ”.Thank liang.”Pei Yuzhuo in the heart sigh, very helpless, obviously the atmosphere was awkward to this point, but the other party may still be able to continue, persevere in this day, she is also very helpless ah.
  ”Yes, in two days, we had a very homely cruise will be outside the city, you go right?”Gu Yu Niang invitation, she carried a letter of invitation, each girl has their home so few, if she was not invited, like Pei Yuzhuo such generals home girl, is not blending into 深圳桑拿the.
  ”It’s not.”Pei Yuzhuo replied quickly,” I had two years to get my grandmother home, look to sojourn.”
  ”To your grandmother that?”Gu Yu Niang subconsciously Pieliaopiezui, Stern