n Kyoto not long after, was sentenced to the Meridian gate at the cut, they are these girls of the family, were driven out of home care, the remaining estate, struggling to survive.


  According to common sense, Sharenchangming, she can bring it again, how had to find two princes afterwards, she may be the last generation to more than thirty full compare notes before kick Ta in the work, slip death, when she I have been thinking too clearly, in the final analysis, everything should blame the head of the pri广州桑拿nce, the prince if a little point on the spectrum, so as to do something?Furthermore, the same day, they have nothing worth Gu use, and if the Prince did not let brother getting involved in things regicide, kill the prince, and finally Guda Lang will not die.
  Ultimately, though, or because she was afraid.
  Gu liang still remember, she and her sister, in the crowd, watching his father and Pei Yuzhuo side by side, riding a tall horse, wearing a silver suit of armor, cloak behind a blaze of glory, the murderous Ling ran into the city’s appearance, they are in a very long period of time, Kyoto and people, are listening to a wide range of strange rumors asleep, rumors, the Pei Yuzhuo murderous, on horseback to make the gun, dismounted after using a sword, and that rumors vivid, like a watch in the same spot, saying how she, a wave down a head, then head to the ground were also not touched upon together, mouth wide open, did not react the first person they have separated.
  In short, similar rumors exceptionally much, they heard these all day long stay in the mansion where the young lady shivering, can those rumors, again, and when she saw th苏州夜网论坛e woman immediately take not take, the other neat, to see Henli up and not so amazing, exactly how about the fact that there is no way to verify the.
  Gu opportunity liang was born again not long after, the first thing you want to pressing, is the father of two princes pressure treasure, do not continue holding the prince, but her fat