ce, blue lips, temporarily not find him today, two days later to say.


  ”Ask those few sixth grade or not to play, I went to their classroom.”L杭州桑拿u Jianxun chewing slowly steamed bun, and Liu Bao said,” Let not your grandmother steamed bun it, choke and feel uncomfortable, but also unpalatable, cook sweet potato two on the line.”
  Liu Bao to Lu Jianxun lead, heard this, nodded and said, “Good afternoon, I would go home that day and she ate sweet potatoes, sauerkraut or not to decorate my grandmother bubble sauerkraut can be delicious.”Talking, he realized that wrong,” Lu tetra, read a half-day tomorrow, Saturday, with no lunch yet.”
  Lu Jianxun suddenly.
  After first-grade class, he probes Wangle Yan inside, piles of girls sitting in a row, you see my meals, I look at your food, talk in full swing, while the boys were playing in the back of the classroom tofu, you step on two I stepped down twice tofu, very lively, he asked Liu Dabao, “West tofu does not play?”
  He recalled the next, playing tofu addiction great stuff, like Sissy never played.
  ”West ah, it seems unlikely to play.”Liu Dabao asked the students around,” You see it land West played tofu?”
  ”Maybe not.”Several other boys in unison.
  Liu Bao Lu Jianxun that West would praise a few words, you know, the whole school only a深圳蒲友论坛 few good results and very few boys did not play,Good prince, was spent, and her father, brother, two standard princelings, is implicated in jail, what corruption, Buying and selling, what can push on them to come out at last, a dead, a half-dead, collapse and disappear, she and her sister were off back home, only her deep effort of three sisters, avoid these at home during that time, it is tough, how can not see the way forward, this and if so, then all the better, said the prince rise up again, more sinister thoughts, calculations have to be dead not two younger brother, Gu Dalang without a father, seek wealth and risk, blending into it, and so the last two princes and Pei Yuzhuo comeback i