the trees, where many newly planted bamboo , almost half of high fashion as a man, he Asari Hanliaoliangsheng: “the land tetra, tetra land, we came home from school at noon.”


  Bare bamboo moved, slowly coming out of the individual from the inside.
  Lu Jianxun patted his shoulder, he would like him to win easily do some pencil?
  Dabao saw Lu Jianxun eyes are bright, hand dig dig into the bag, took out a big bun, the bun on top soiled pencil, and a lot of grass clippings, he casually patted broke it in half, put more than handed Lu Jianxun, “Lu tetra, I won two pencils morning, How about you?”
  Yes, beginning Monday, Lu Jianxun to schoo深圳桑拿网l every day and they beat tofu, he hid them in class to review their own reading, to play with class, Liu Bao Lai count on him, and with him a daily mix, but for teachers strict, he can not wait tired of a bunch of classes related to Lu Jianxun.
  Lu Jianxun took his steamed bun, pinch dislike of the outside layer to lose, “won seven pencil it, yes, you did not find me language teacher?”He was without the knowledge of Xue Lu Hongying flower and come to school, but fortunately fared cooked results are bad boys with him, they did most other sense of obligation and refused to tell the people will not tell.
  ”No, none of us did not say, Lu teacher went looking for him to eat cc class.”Liu Po-bite mouth steamed bun, no taste, but taste is not good for him, it does not matter, full control is the most important, he was gulping swallow steamed bun, asked Lu Jianxun,” or else they’re looking for Zhang rain Play with.”
  Lu Jianxun is a celebrity at school, whether it is high-grade or low-grade, and he wants to fight tofu, tofu and more than that they are not afraid to lose, but too want to win, and win Lu Jianxun is the school first, and more honorable thin北京夜网g son, therefore, a lot of people find Lu Jianxun challenges of the day, winning more than a dozen pencils for Lu Jianxun for both small.
  Lu Jianxun thought, yesterday won Zhang rain black fa