to hold charcoal to write it, they are often out of the pen, you give them sew specialized loaded pen bag, pencil if you give them a cut, children star北京夜网t not a severity, little attention would bias the knife.”


  Not someone to buy your child a pencil knife, pencil sharpener and therefore are at home with a sickle, n杭州桑拿洗浴ot heavy so that, hand cut and more are common.
  ”You think I do not want to, ah, big treasure they did not agree, saying that I work during the day tired enough of their own to do it yourself.”When it comes to big treasure their intimate, Sungui cents musters a smile,” I did not like to boast how Hongying, since Hongying and Lu Ming wife teach Tai Po obvious obedient than before, I secretly turned over his homework, word a lot of good-looking than before, certainly Hongying is tight, but also a production team, Tai Po dare not listen, for the flower, and today the farm is not to Hongying?”
  Lu Hongying often after school to farm, Sungui cents frequently asked Dabao performance, do not look great treasure which the language of mathematics exam failed, but they are all being dragged before the teacher, the teacher is not responsible either, Tai Po results definitely better than now much better.
  ”Only Friday morning to attend classes today and tomorrow at noon should come, 深圳桑拿网ye?”
  ”I would like to ask the big treasure brought noon meal is not enough to eat, this week began a large treasure home from school to find food, eat anything, I say give him what he decorate rice and quit.”Grandchildren are the hope of all Sungui cents sons Literacy know the word is not false, but older arrayed in this life that is good for nothing, to see the big treasure after they read the book will not amount to anything.
  Xue Flower head down, “as she and I talk about.”
  Dabao not know care about their own grandmother to this sake, and today he prepared lunch milk is a big bun, after school he was yelling at noon a few students ran out of the inner most edge of the playground under