nce examination, until the eleventh grade, the school will give the above allocation of university places深圳桑拿按摩, peasants and soldiers, but the quota was too difficult, as they are the best of the county high school, a year at most places, but also a slap in the face.


  Screening was exceptionally harsh conditions, other than registration on their own initiative, but also the home of ingredients not have a problem.
  Old Ruan up several generations of farmers are old, and Nguyen Bao root is a martyr, Ruan Zhiwen and Ruan Zhiwu two people in the school are considered martyrs and their dependents, this innocent family background will not do.
  So, if true peasants and soldiers from school named university places, then there will be a Ruanzhi Wen, also a condition that the academic performance.
  These three conditions are indispensable.
  Nguyen rain face suddenly collapsed, and now no college entrance examination, she was powerless ah!
  Ruan Zhi北京夜网wen to see their own young girl was hit, and he laughed treacherous, “little sister, you still honestly places to go to recover!”His brother and sister do not need to help, but do not need to sacrifice themselves to fulfill their sister.
  Ruanzhi Wu echoed, “Young girl, I really do not like reading!”
  Nguyen rain苏州夜网 This idea was discarded, but she affirmed that “the peasants and soldiers, university places I will not use!”Even their own brother peasants and soldiers were selected on the university places obstacles in the way she should go from the middle of next year, it will be the college entrance examination, and soon, soon!
  ”Whatever you do not use, you are self-sufficient places for children, and you deal with self-sufficiency looked like a child!”Ruan Zhiwen decisive road, and next to Ruanzhi Wu also relieved laugh.
  He Zuiben not refuse, but inside there is this young girl does not want to accept the workers, university places, but fortunately younger brother in!
  Ruan Guohua and Fang Xiulan both as a right, the pride of the eyes g