in trouble, drag is not such a drag method, ah, can not say such things to Yunfang listen, only dare whisper or two in front of Xue Huahua, the way home, Xue Huahua都市夜网 book pencil is there, her family’s running out.


  Xue flower lace cook food for pigs satisfied shoes, cold, and no adults to wear sandals, West will not work, he is often sitting in school, too cold hands holding pens will be stiff out, she passed through the needle, looked Sungui cents eye “I remember you bought the book not long after it?”
  Sungui Dwelling on two grandchildren reading, she remembered correctly, this term Sungui Xian Lu Jianguo asked several times to buy a book and pen.
  ”For ah, early last month it bought more than a dozen pen, is a great treasure they do not repay the debt, or is out of the pen, pencil or is too hard to refill Xiaoduan, costs very last night Tai Po and I said when I called them up.”Think of this Sungui cents to gas, good weather finally encountered two years, she thought the whole family together to work to pay off foreign debt in future days will ease off, who knows wanderers to keep reading so many years, in addition to tuition , just pen and notebook is not a small overhead, she soon collapsed, no wonder Xue Huahua said no one at home to save money, she raised two pupils soon could not afford, not to m杭州夜网论坛ention a few high school students to raise Xue Huahua, recall Lu Dewen case they write on the ground, Sungui fairy feeling a lot, “great treasure they have not gone through tough times, where they like German brother and sister, reading and writing are saving enough, in the evening they come home I have to teach them a good education, so they like they learn German.”
  Xue Flower satisfied that the shoe is very slow, Melaleuca soles, thick and hard, to force only after the needle through the Le tight grip, she dedicated the needle, every moment came back Sungui cents, “they was not German that condition, besides large treasure they are in school, we can not allow them