ous fight Yunfang not in fear, but this time she was dying, big daughter resolute attitude, combined with her untenable reason, there is no way.


  In the end, Liu old man money to solve it.
  Although the matter is resolved, Yunfang also came to a bad reputation, in addition to Lu Ming couple, several other son and daughter like her more or less as before, even did not see the road, like not like to say hello, Yunfang not angry, Lu Ming Li Xuemei happens and blame her with a bad boy, Xiao Ming is the muddle of age, need proper guidance, Yunfang made a bad demonstration, will teach bad Xiaoming.
  Although Li Xuemei that weak relationship to the child she is determined not to give in, the children were left Yunfang not take care of, she simply brought the school, let her turn in class when the teacher looked at the office, no one put it to the class, in any case refused to Yunfang.
  Not a grandson, Yan Liu Yunfang instant like a gas, Sungui Semporna two to gloat laug杭州桑拿hed at her, look at her spirit really bad and I lost her joke, but relieved she would like to open the point, “Lu Ming Xiao Ming to bring his wife to the school is not very good for you?Morning I met in the storage room they, Xiao Ming waved to me it, I think he was quite happy, my family big treasure back also said Xiao Ming in schools obedient, many teachers like him, ah what ah sugar buns like to give Xiao Ming to eat.”
  ”Well what a good, hot meal at noon even have to eat the mouth.”Xiao Ming think these two days and she alienated many, Yunfang heart that gas ah, in the end for their own painstaking Taoxintaofei Who, like family heartless.
  ”Lu Ming wife they would not starve him, you just think too much.”Sungui cents Yunfang do not understand the idea, and Li Xuemei Lu Ming Xiao Ming on a child, how would not it not giv北京夜网e him food to eat, look Yunfang say something, Li Xuemei, if heard, and my heart is definitely more uncomfortable, obviously couple I got nothing to do, because Yunfang will to do himself