ortable, we have got used to self-comfort, like her, widowed young, middle-aged ions not also lie to themselves, to one day at a too down yet?


  Think again Pei Yuzhuo daily, both in private practice and actively look like martial arts, she did not hesitate long, they also agreed down, dignitaries will be abandoned Yanwu field very long period of time rearranging clear, also arranged for two master’s residence in addition, in order to avoid arousing suspicion, but also requires Xiuyu daily, accompanied by a good, if something happens, let the other maidservants rotation.
  Pei Yuzhuo to that letter, and much simpler, and wrote some the size of things happened recently frontier, and probably drew a totally can not imagine the original appearance of the frontier landscapes, brought together, and finally casually added the sentence, she wants, have been ready, Wuxue Bing practicing law, not the easy thing, do not give up easily.
  So, Pei Yuzhuo they are so under his father’s escort, practicing martial, she did very talented, very fast progress, by leaps and bounds, even a king Fuji Dukua did not stop, on the art of war, she also h上海夜网as a lot of different angles ideas, and old staff both classroom is, fluent, often against each other, but soon reach a consensus.
  Wang Fuji again hit again marksmanship to Pei Yuzhuo see, he did make a hands-style, the people of the state will be completely different, obviously is a stocky build, but no the slightest sense of humor, the same pistols in his hands, like a weapon can kill, just waving it like a faint wind drift out of the gun, terrified to heart health.
  He quickly explain finished, resumed look that nice guy, smiling as he says today, Miss exercise enough, and the rest come back tomorrow and so on, after all, Pei Yuzhuo still very young, how can I be done overnight.
  ”Miss, the prime minister two daughter home, send a message to Zhang, said that afternoon to come visit.”Guards not far from over, he first ceremony, 苏州桑拿and will Baiti