Abandoned?”Han Peng moment did not react, he did not understand why he suddenly changed his mind boss.While at the same time before the East Commercial in contact with the three areas of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, but he always thought that Hong Kong is the real target, only two other alternatives in order to increase bargaining chips it.


  ”A horse is not sweet, since the Government’s lack of sincerity, why should we hang in a tree!”Li Xuan said with a smile.
  Hong Kong’s real estate industry has just entered the stagflation period, as Xushi Xun, Hu should have equal people aware of the crisis.But there are different views, such as Jardine Matheson Taipan New York Kennedy on the wall is still optimistic about the property market after minor adjustments to continue to rise, still in the big-budget hoard.
  These friends have big real estate prop up the market, the Hong Kong real estate collapse short-lived fad will not have to wait until September next year, “Iron Lady” in the Great Hall fell and it really will be drastic changes.
  Li Xuan let Oriental Commercial and Government negotiations with a floor area ratio of packaging and testing grounds, requires the Government to reduce the premium, if the Government can agree, though still less than the low price of the property market collapse later, but at least have been able to accept Li Xuan within the range.But if the Government refused, he used to just take a big fuss.
  ”How was your friendship with Sir Zhong Siyuan?”Li Xuan suddenly asked.
  Han Peng still think just happened, it was a bit shocked replied: “My father was a jazz Bell and golfers known for years, often together similar to Deep Water Bay golf!”
  ”Before when I go north continent, Sir bell had some superficially exchanges, hoping that he can support the development of Hong Kong’s industrial sector!”Li Xuan look Yau