Donna also like to ask him, he had turned out, she did not forget to take the door.
  She was skeptical of what he wanted to do, Huanhaoyifu out, he had stood in front of others higher than the shoe gravely pick shoes.
  Donna looked at him like, all of a sudden think that there should be a little earlier contact Nike, think of ways to give him back a endorsement advertising.
  Now there is no contact, after it is too late.
  Her feel more depressed.
  Finally, she looked at him out of a pair of running shoes never worn.
  ”Changing his shoes.”He looked at the entrance pestle in a Donna, said:” look at what I do?”
  After not see, ah, she quietly said to myself.
  The mood is getting worse, she sadly feet into the white shoes, the whole process only took two seconds and shoes before she began Yu Chak still sitting on the threshold, meticulous, rigorous approach with that kind of surgery slowly tied laces.
  According to his shoes to wear daily five-minute rule, Donna turned and ran back to the bedroom.
  ”You’re wearing shoes.”
  Yu Ze’s voice came from behind, she turned a deaf ear.
  After the big white goose bag out from the closet, she walked back to the entrance, Yu Ze not put on shoes.
  ”So how do you slow!”She complained.