The results are quite short abundance behind the resignation of the President of Peru's political turbulence


  According to the original agenda, the Peruvian Congress will be held on the 22nd president impeachment debate and final vote。
If the proposal was supported by not less than 87 members, Kuczynski the impeachment and resignation。 Today Kuczynski impeachment vote before the day announced his resignation, partly because Mr buying behavior has been exposed, on the other hand it is due to both the positive and negative forces in contrast to a foregone conclusion, Kuczynski already inevitable fate to step down, and for a 79-year-old has been "oldest old president", the president resign than to be a much stronger impeachment。   And this is exactly what the president involved in corruption cases initiated by Brazil shocked the world of construction enterprises Oder Albrecht corporate corruption case。
In mid-January 2017, the Peruvian anti-corruption prosecutors announced that it would investigate President Kuczynski, verify helped the company during its Aude Albrecht served as prime minister in mid-2006 to obtain public projects。
September 2017, the company in charge of Peru's congressional bribery case, "car wash action" commission of inquiry began investigating Kuczynski。
December 12 the same year, the company's former executive committee received testimony showed that the company as chairman of the board when the field had Kuczynski Western capital company paid $ 50 million of these funds with some of the concessions relating to construction projects in Peru。
So far, the impact Kuczynski involved in corruption cases have been touched at all, even though the president had said he was once a firm "will not resign", but under intense pressure from the public and the opposition in the parliament, and finally had to retire temple。
  A year ago, reporters had to start with the text in the investigation of corruption cases Kuczynski analysis pointed out that the election victory Kuczynski road can be described as full of ups and downs, after an extremely slight advantage to win, his campaign rival Keiko Fujimori He has not conceded defeat。
Fujimori combined with the leadership of the opposition in an absolutely dominant position in parliament, Kuczynski facing a severe test, for which it can only try "to get people, and then fight for parliament", which is to get people's support through immediate reform policies and then gradually in order to enhance their persuasiveness and the right to speak in Parliament。   Now it seems, involved in corruption case it is destroyed from the fundamental public trust Kuczynski, also shaken the ruling foundation Kuczynski, making it unable to resist the fierce attacks from the then opposition。   In fact, more Kuczynski's resignation was the result of political struggle。
Because it is designed to run for the party and the establishment of new small parties, Kuczynski's "In order to change Peruvian party" only 20 seats in the 130-seat parliament, while the traditional big party where Fujimori's "People Power Party" It occupies a strong advantage of 62 seats。
Kuczynski became the beginning of the opposition at a relatively low profile dormant standby, but once Kuczynski reveal the "tainted", the opposition fierce shot, ferocious offensive that libraries really overwhelmed。   It is worth mentioning that, Kuczynski's legal successor, is also facing a severe test。 By law, once the resignation of the president, the incumbent first vice president Pescara will be temporarily took over as president, but who on the same front with Kuczynski vice president as early as May 22, 2017 on account of the opposition involved in corruption Minister forced to resign from office on charges of part-time and low-key visit any Canadian ambassadors。 Today resignation of its 因库琴斯基 is temporarily recall the country, as the parliamentary struggle of the "defeated", Pescara became smooth still unknown。 (Zhangjun Rong)。