Thwarted in the sound, I do not guess all know that ginger peach began to trouble.


Cattle stake Samsam asked: “Mother, this is how the?”
Cheng angrily: “how?I’d like to ask you that in the end is how the wife?All day in the volatile, now pregnant nor were law-abiding, you will go and tell her that if we really contemptuous Niu, they can direct leave!I cattle temple small, afford to pay this Buddha!”
Although Niu family is not good, but also a man of character, a daughter can not tolerate such abuse your face.
When he finished, he turned angrily into the kitchen.
Jiang Tao Zheng in the house listening to the words, the more the heart is cold, burst into crying, ever since she came to marry, she did not mind too comfortable day, she leads people to find out news of the town she knew Jiang Chu has been moved out of the village, in town to buy a big Zhaizi, also bought a bunch of servants wait, she knows Jiang Chu’s business is getting better, even the streets are plate down, become a real rich people, she also really knows Jiang Ji family now live in the house, and if she did not get married, and now this rich, she