Just follow someone else rub out, no need to say hello to advance.


  After riding on a bus, then Mo Kam first time getting in the way, dressed in a smart casual sportswear, plus a white baseball cap, wearing a small pony tail behind, my body is full of youthful.
  Even without makeup, Jin Mo is absolutely natural beauty.
  Unfortunately, on a pure cheek, but it seems pretty big eyes thief yo.
  ”Hey, smelly white leaves, I come.”
  Jin Mo is not willing to ask leaf white, sitting directly next to him, a smiling look, indescribably lovely.Wrong, it is felt extremely annoying.
  ”Hey, smelly leaf white, you is not a fancy my sister?”
  White leaves lightly, “What do you mean, test me?”
  Jin Mo rolled his eyes, pouted Lengheng soon.
  ”I’ll tell you, if you saw my sister, and you pay close attention to the point, the car can have your rival oh.”
  White leaves laugh loudly, she looked out the window, his eyes deep with a trace.
  ”The world, when there are qualified people of my rival, not even born.”
  Jin Mo:.
  ”You do not narcissistic will not die!I do not trouble you with