Heard, there are things about Wu Tao mother said again.


Wu Tao, this time looking a little trance, “You say he and I are blood brothers?impossible”

An Wei Zhen shook his head, “I do not know his words are true or not, but I know it is only these.”

Wu Tao bowed, looking a little slumped, “Xie Xiean Master told me this, I’ll go check it clear of.”

An Wei Zhen nodded, “So much the better.”

Tao Wu looked at the North Star and Shen Zhen Wei Ann said: “It’s hard today, two, and it was late, but this house is not what auspicious house, I will not keep the two.”

An Wei Shen Zhen and North Star looked at each other and nodded, but when got up, looked at Ann Wei Zhen Wu Tao said: “You did not have karmic debt, mind clear spirit, you know this house is unlucky, do not stay here the.”

Some Wu Tao Wei Zhen Ann looked surprised, but for security advice Zhen Wei, Wu Tao smiled and shook his head, “Xiexie An exhortation master, but I still have to stay here.”

Shen North Star is not a frown, “Are you here to do?Wu Heng is still small, he is not fit to stay here.”

“Hengheng I let him move out, but I’ll keep,” Wu Tao Tan