Ze had a very busy.


  Thirteen magic, she opened nearly half, leaving seven in no hurry to go now open, waiting for her after the resurrection from the book, with the transport magic can efficiently open the rest of the magic.
  .When she rose from the book.
  Yu Ze’s goal is to become a circle of top stars, pop music currently occupy a position that Bai Yalin brother, Bai Yalin long as he can kick off that position, his desire to achieve a.
  Contracts will be over.
  The day before White Day, Donna uncharacteristically poor from the beginning of the morning mood.
  Yu Ze more emotional than usual low.
  He looked at the blond girl casually scoop to eat cereal with milk, then he did not move spoon.
  ”Why do you eat?”Donna looked at him.
  Yu Ze did not answer this question, he asked: “You go home before.What you want to accomplish wish?”
  Donna looked down cereal bowl, spoon and slowly stirred his: “Do not know.”
  After breakfast, Yu Chak and lay back in bed the blond girl to pull up.
  ”Why?”She stared at him angrily.
  ”I go out to play.”He opened the closet and looked at, come up with a few clothes thrown on the bed:” what you do not have