, Posted over his ear Cengceng.


  Cheng recently spun winter really can not stand every day, stuck in the middle half of the sweet suffering but not yet got what they wanted, and not go up, get down, Mars has never been off, flip a little, and again vigorously the resurgence.
  XIA away then pretended to bite the aggressive drive a winter, although the light was no one left to drive in winter teeth marks, but the process is still winter moment holding the mouse hands are not tight grip.
  XIA away just thought of a sum of old scores, angrily pulling away winter’s hand under the cheek, she asked him: “said!Did you call your brother hates me!”
  Dong Cheng: “???”It was looked at her confused, I do not understand the remark came from.
  ”Humph!”XIA really been away for decades did not call the process of how soon winter Cheng Dong brother, except in Cambodia, drinking too much of that back.After it is psychological shadow, and indeed feel that we have grown up, she cried Cheng Dong brother on the outside, so that he is very embarrassed.Not as good as name calling.
  ”Your admirers say, I call you brother Dong Cheng, let you embarrass special!In particular embarrassment!Nauseous!You are always harm people laugh!”XIA away angry teeth itch, take away winter ear molars.