Xu Xianglin time taking advantage of a break, he went out and put everything under one roof.



Chapter 119
  Departure day is a sunny day, A city hottest month is over, so the weather is most comfortable to wear dresses, airport crowds, such as weaving, Xu Xianglin colleagues a few steps backward, and micro-Xin long walk in a chat.
  We all know that the micro-Sim is a long time her sister, to see her pretty long, there are male colleagues around the corner, trying to scrape together next to her, was Xu Xianglin catch flies away.
  ”I said, you do not look in the mirror every day?We see this little house looks like a little, who gave you the courage?”
  A male colleague not happy, and he went up to him and said: “Little Xu, Chou Chou your eyes wide open my handsome face.”
  Xu Xianglin is good air is funny, raising his hand to cover his face, his head pushed the one-sided, “You got, you look not like me, will come to the subject slightly, in addition to long good family background good character well, other aspects had top-notch, the homes of locals not bad money.You see how much rich girl character supplies are crooked, and only slightly our family, hard work, thrift, good-natured.”
  Seeing Xu