While not ubiquitous, but more or less a little fame, weekdays basically sit out another car nanny car, only to go out when it opened its own bike Jaguar, but he still has a small convertible Porsche 718 sports car , so the bike Jaguar rarely open.


  Chen diving really did not expect the end of a second-tier star so little money, live in villas also three cars, this industry is to the money fast, no wonder a lot of kids now do not want to learn it just become a star.
  Finally, a black Jaguar car owners is the day mirage quite famous Chinese medicine leaves hidden in the East Bay Area Chinese medicine has its own health club, almost half of the day was his guest of honor dignitaries Mirage.
  A hanging pot doctors to save the world’s big day is obviously large and elegant in the eyes of many people mirage.
  Property Manager Direct said: “The doctor leaves, while not the most wealthy of our community, but our district is definitely the most respected people, everyone saw he would say hello, amount of money, power is bigger, eventually need to find him in exchange for health.”
  This time, Chen and Su Qing diving really is completely dumbfounded.
  The three men did not possible ah!
  That there are one hundred percent alibi, and small stars have concern about foreign executives in Southeast Asia, the paparazzi will be to do something with the film, and now eat some “flow” of food that people.
  As large leaves Chinese medicine can not even