Rice, no shooting, Lan Zhou Yi positive and chat with the ignorant.


  Suzi Han Lin-sheng to wander aside, “sub-Han brother, you want to participate in this program do, how I did not even tell?”
  Suzi Han looked down at him, “You said it, I just recently been to the pits to record total.”
  Forest Health: “Ha?”
  Suzi Han: “He found me, and he said the next time you will not be in the city, everywhere to participate in this show, so as assistants Qian children will come along.I heard, anxious, this is not, helplessly also asked to participate, thinking about how much time and energy Qian children from morning till evening.
  ”But I did not expect the first of three days before the record turned out to be not always come!!I will also see three days Qian children!!”Suzi Han angrily,” So he’s worried about you a group of people in the program, this came to me of your husband you can be nice.”
  Lin-sheng startled by startled, then can not help but giggle.
  I waited a few minutes, and finally to the delicious seafood, the program group who also finished the meal, place the camera again.
  Suzi Han Lin-sheng and help open the bags, the latter suddenly thought of what, for the ignorant said:
  ”I also brought a lot of snacks, which a lot of appetizers, beef jerky, dried bean curd with meat of what I eat out together!”