Mobile Payment lose ground: ATM machine frustrated two-dimensional code scan code reader laugh


  2017 net profit is expected to dip about 90% of the company Virgin creativity, is causing the market's attention。
Production at the bank self-service machines (ATM) business, estimated a few years ago did not expect the impact of the rise of their performance would be so great。   The industry believes that mobile payment menacing, will eliminate a number of industries, will drive the rise of a number of industries, such as two-dimensional code scan code reader manufacturers is one of the beneficiaries。   Micro-channel payment, Alipay kill ATM machine?  Recently, three new board listed company Virgin creative released in 2017, the company achieved net profit of 3 million yuan last year?3.9 million yuan, down percent?%。
  Statistics show that Virgin is the main bank ATM machine creative design, marketing and after-sales service and system installation。 Major customers include similar (,) (1398) and other state-owned big firms, joint-stock commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives and other agricultural businesses ,,。
  The reason for the decline, Virgin creative interpretation, Alipay mid-2017, the rapid development of micro-channel payment, mobile payment alternative to a large number of petty cash, seriously affecting the deployment of ATM banking and other self-service equipment, resulting in full-year results of a substantial decline。   ATM machines have been because easy to use, fast and 24-hour service and other advantages favored by the users, to be in the streets fast layout。 However, with the reduction in the amount of cash, ATM machines installed facing reduced, prices fell dilemma。
  Although the number of ATM has not diminished, but has been slowing for three consecutive years。 Payment system operating data show that in 2015 the year of new ATM machine million units in 2016 to add million units, an increase to 2017 million units only。
  Feel the chill of the industry, in addition to Virgin creativity, as well as (,) and (,)。
February 28, 2017, Royal Bank shares to disclose results of Letters show that the company achieved net profit of 14.71 million yuan, down percent。
  It is understood that Royal Bank shares main business is more a single ATM machine。
According to the Royal Bank shares in mid-2017 and a half, the main business is divided into ATM sales, ATM cooperation operational, financial leasing ATM, ATM technology, financial services several modules, the first half of 2017 were the first three revenue fell% %%。   9 consecutive years in the domestic sales of the first GRG ATM machine, 2017 semi-annual disclosure, due to ATM equipment installed capacity and product prices fell downturn, the first half of 2017, GRG ATM machine business revenues billion, Decreased%。
  The shift in the two-dimensional code scan code reader laugh shift, mobile payment defeated ATM machine, fulfill the two-dimensional code scan code reader。
  Reporter extensive investigation found that purely two-dimensional code to get involved in the field of deep much, (,) belongs to the trend in recent years thanks to one of the players。
  It is understood that New World's main business is providing electronic payment terminal products and information to identify the client system solutions, two-dimensional code that is mastered the core technology, capable of producing two-dimensional code scanning guns and related chips, etc.。 In addition, the industry is also involved in the New World。   New World in mid-2017 semi-annual report described the company's own core technology to master the two-dimensional code, bar code reading technology has reached the international advanced level, launched the world's first performance-leading two-dimensional code decoder chip。   Data show that the first half of 2017, the New World operating income billion, up% (after excluding real estate revenue growth in%); net profit billion yuan, up% (after excluding net profit growth rate of real estate%)。   Newland explained that the main payment operations and value-added services and electronic payment products and greater information literacy and other products due to business growth。
New World said the first half of identification products rapid growth in sales, sales one hundred million yuan。
Companies take full advantage of the opportunity to scan code to pay high growth, the use of product advantages, continue to pay barcode hardware market leading position, and around the "cashless application" layout of the new product solutions。
  At the same time, the New World in the electronic payment hardware business, namely the POS terminal design and development and sales, also occupy a certain market。
The first half of 2017, the new world standard POS, MPOS, IPOS, intelligent POS total sales of about 450 million units, a full product line shipments and maintain domestic market share first, sales of one hundred million yuan of electronic payment services。