The point is that the results are not the same and Internet voting.Here be calculated separately, the final score will be included in, please wait and see, oh ~ ~ ~ ~ “


  Lu seventy-one look at the time, “until now, has been live for three hours, and we expect here is five hours, because my plan was disrupted, so the next schedule, I still to audience what you want them to show, say it, I’ll screenshots.Select only the first reply.”
  Screenshot shows, want to see a show.
  Lu seventy-one nodded, “very idea.So, you want to see what kind of play it?Screenshot continue.”
  Want to see the palace drama.
  Lu seventy-one see the results, and asked the audience: “Do you want to see the palace drama?To talk about, so choose a snow Yan Shao.Then, way, find a video from the Internet, put out, let them live show to five back lines.You can exit the Miu Miu.”

Chapter 230 End Field
  Yu Miaozi stare, but still nodded exit, and nominated a drama.
  Shao Yan finally chose a snow, put out the big screen, Lu seventy-one actually seen a few years ago is the fire of a TV series, grandmother and mother both like to watch.Actress palace from being framed to fight all the way to the Palace of fighting, and finally became the power behind a screen of the Queen Mother.
  Lu seventy-one who saw the results, he said, are in power why do not you just ascended the throne emperor.?Not only do the Queen Mother was killed emperor to abdicate is ruined dynasty was overthrown.Historically many examples ah, sure the script