Mouth advised: “You two will have to rest it, in case one would have to do to help you?”


  Although his persuasion has attracted the eyes of my colleagues, but for the case of Yu Zhou still very convincing.
  She took each other, handing me the cushion, and looked at it issued a stay, then he took out the phone will read the time on the bench and finally against Bile Yan.
  Although she was nervous and worried, but before a person experiences exorcism she has learned how to fall asleep quickly under stressful environment, so even in this case, force the rest of her is not a problem.
  Compared with her, Liu Qin Philippines Not very sleepy.
  She saw Zhou Yu encounter frowning look, while another police officer took the side of thanks and handed her a blanket, cover and gently to her body.
  Maybe they really are tired, Zhou Yu and the event did not wake until four hours later, at dawn, she was only a female voice shouted.
  She opened her eyes, confused two seconds, quickly sober him, look not see is how good-looking man consultant.
  ”Your guess is right, others are saved back, in addition to Mrs. Qin.”
  Heard these words, Zhou Yu’s brain in case there is a blank moment.But she was well prepared, there is no froze as long, softly said thanks, the chair