GEN cynical: “I see na, is that some people are not that rich life, there is the rich heart, it plainly is not that we despise it Niu?I heard her sister married well, then Ji family made a fortune today, not just traveling to do good business, even a street in the town are plate down, she looked envious chanting, I feel that they should also have that lucky, but do not look in the mirror and see yourself that face!Do daydreaming!”
GEN put this sound can be high, deliberately ginger peach hear, since ginger peach door, put his face all day even, and still do not do a little work, big and small are home fell on her head, she was of course complaining, seen through the peach ginger dog saw people with low small mind, naturally you want to poke a poke.
Sure enough, this GEN Carter, threw things around the house to spread the voice.
Cheng also ugly face up, ginger peach Now that all married into the family cow, still make it so disgusted by the way, is also a bit too looked down on the cattle home!
He was saying, I would see the cattle family man who also came back from the fields, entered the courtyard we heard the house