“Ear” husband and “deaf” secret wife


I have family and neighbors together for many years a pair of flat Fanfan couple lived a lifetime.This life, happened to them very ordinary story.But there is one story was a bit unusual, this is the call between them is very special.Man called his woman, is always this one: Hey, deafness.Women call their own when a man is always this one: Hey, hard of hearing.In fact, until now, their ears are not deaf, it does not back.From their very young age, so they call each other.Who does not know the couple nickname particular reason, no one to ask, did not need to ask, I’m sure there is a secret, perhaps between husband and wife about the secret love it.Once, I went to their house, when I was young.Sick woman, a man gives a woman given medicines.The two white men crushed pills, put a teaspoon house.Then, the man carefully with a spoon to scoop out some hot water from a cup, blew gently on the mouth, lips and only then spoon slowly out into the woman, and said: Hey, deafness, be careful not to burn yourself.It was the first time I heard a man say to a woman feeding, deafness, this call sounds strange.Men go to work in the county tax office, a woman to teach in primary schools.It is said that when they were young, very trendy, no instructions from the say is negotiated.Also I heard that time, a man riding a bike often run around, where to go.But no matter where the men go, women followed the man to get there.People say that the two men crazy trouble.Crazy trouble two people finally come together.Married, got married, became our neighbor.I often hear their mantra.The man said: Hey, deafness, you do not move, this live, I come.Woman says: Hey, deaf, come here, this thing incense, you bite.One day, after work, when it is under heavy rain, thunder and lightning.Women know that men do not bring rain gear, she hastened to send a man to ride poncho.As a result, the Inland Revenue Department and the door no man.The guard said the man had left shortly.Woman quickly turned back to find her husband in a hurry all back in the running in the rain.However, she could not find any.As a result, a woman distracted, hit the roadside barrier and fell in the mud.Lying in a hospital bed, female talent know, the man went to the school to pick her up.They go in a different way, so no one saw who.The woman said, I was close to home, why should you take.Men laugh, did not speak.Woman hammer him hard, he said deliberately to.Fail to beat the man, he said: Today’s thunder too loud, I’m afraid you afraid.JiaoChen to a woman: You deaf.In fact, a woman fell and not heavy, but she deliberately not rely on them in bed.Came home from the hospital, a woman should wait on men, men do not get mad, carefully serve about, the woman has trouble enough, etc..After the neighbors know, to say, this couple.Then, it speaks a lot to the cooing.The couple had a child and a woman, were admitted to the university.After the children are older, and do not call them mom and dad, also a a deaf ear, and full of promise with an old married couple, smiling, like a blooming chrysanthemums.From spring to summer, from autumn to winter, the couple does not seem uttered a contradiction.Neighborhood mediation emotional entanglements cite examples of other people’s always this couple, they become a role model for all couples.Now, some old couple.Old woman legs some inconvenience, men bought an electric tricycle, where women go, men carrying her to go.When a man haircut, or let a woman manager.Barber just when the woman was a little more careful, because the man’s head from time to time longer fire knots, she was afraid of their own negligence, hair clippers met those of his pimple, hurting him.This couple, the man I called Wu Shu, the woman I called five aunt.Many years, many people are wondering why they cause so call each other.Among these, some hidden secret seductive.On several occasions, I went back home, five aunt would like to ask, but I eventually did not go.If I do go, Wusao certainly smiled, saying softly, in fact, nothing, I called deaf, hard of hearing he called the.Then, a look of happiness Wusao.