“Frankie,” proud of the wealth of breakthrough


This year 32-year-old Huang Tsung, young, goat industry is a pivotal figure in Songzi.Goats brought him trouble, but also brought him wealth.His love-hate relationship of this industry, as he realized the wealth of breakthrough Yangyangdeyi.Big man small blog, as leader Huang Tsung Liu’s home in the market town of Songzi City, Hubei Province.Here rich vegetation, there has always been a traditional sheep.He was one year old, his father died, he began to live alone with mother.Mother by selling fruit to maintain the home, Huang Cong did not complete a primary school drop out.In order to reduce the family burden, less than 13 years old, he became a shepherd.Liu goat in town doing business circles, Huang Tsung is very special.A group of adults to do business, only Huang Cong was a child.Everyone think he certainly is not doing something, but Huang Cong, but has its own advantages: people eat bitter, he ate up; others do not want to do live, he is willing to do.Long way adults do not want to go too much trouble, and he was willing to run; people feel great disdain a few sheep, he is willing to close.So, just five years, Huang Tsung traveled almost all farmers home town.In the process, he carefully accumulated a lot of information, which has a mountainous area farmer sheep, sheep raising someone well, he can sell at high prices on the clear.As for many years the goat trading broker is also riding a motorcycle around the sheep to close when the original humble Huang Cong, has become a leader, became the first local to buy a small truck on the surrounding towns received sheep people.This year, he was 21 years old.Love, bid farewell to the Bank in the countryside, a 21-year-old is talk of marriage age,.At that time the conditions Cong Huang family in the village has been the best, but could not find a girlfriend.Once, relatives introduced him to a girlfriend, he was excited appointment.They also had very good talk, but when the other person know that he is doing after the sale goat spot cheeky embarrassed, go back never had contact with him.Since then, Huang Tsung several intimate experience, he rejected also the same reason, do not want to find each other goats trading.He did not think, in the eyes of outsiders, do their own turned out to be dirty and tired is not a stable job.In order to get love, Huang Tsung had to abandon the sale of goats brought him wealth, vowed never to quit this line.Later, he went to work in a factory down.By chance, he set down four old machine factory.Four years later, he earned more than one million yuan, holding the savings of migrant workers in the village built a new house, got married.He became the envy of everyone in the village is Fengfengguangguang figures.Return to prostitution, difficulties in 2008, he bought four large trucks run transport.Engaged in the transportation industry may in the process, one found him again attracted the goat, so he picked up the man who upset industry.That day, Huang Tsung chat with a few friends from overseas and found that they never forget to Liu town mountain farm lamb, and to find out where he can buy.At first, Huang Tsung did not really care, but those who ask much, he could not stop the excitement of the heart, he decided to abandon the transport business, continue to deal with the sheep.Friends feel surprised, I did not think he has to regain the old industry, which is really hard to understand.Huang Tsung despite opposition from family and friends, rented by the village government 4 acres of wasteland at a price of $ 60,000, spent more than 30 million to build the two can be standardized breeding sheep goats 1000.Taking into account the aging of the local goat breeds, breeding cycle is long, the meat is low and other defects, he specifically to spend 140,000 yuan to a sheep farm in Shandong introduction of purebred Boer goats.After carefully kept more than 10 months, Huang Tsung more than 300 sheep to slaughter finally.He thought his past experience, will be able to slaughter a sheep to contact merchants used to know to buy, did not expect many former merchants do not.Finally, most of the sheep he sold to Hunan.Did not sell the sheep, his ingenuity processed into finished products bacon.Bold innovation, this is a bittersweet counterparts upset, but let Huang Tsung again big harvest.At that time, he found a Songzi City specialty store, to sell their products.The owner quickly agreed, because such smoked meat on the market is the lack of.It’s different from the north smoked, chop later put some pepper, ginger, garlic, and cook it with boiling water, a delicious, very popular with consumers.Calculated the cost, deep processing of high profits, let him excited.So he win, set about establishing their own industrial chain, include plant breeding, food processing plants and slaughterhouses.With years of experience, he believed that feed the sheep is not as sheep traders, it is better to kill the sheep traders sheep, killing sheep is not as engaged in the processing of.The end of 2010, Huang Cong began construction at the foot of contract.But this time his savings left with less than 20 million, for which he owed more than 50 million of debt.During construction, all his thoughts flutter in the construction site, do not take into account the culture of this piece, resulting in sheep diseased, dead, great loss.April 2011, Huang Tsung slaughter plant was finally built.But this time, there are not many farms can for his goat processing.No sheep, how processed products, when the money owed to repay foreign debt plant it?No way, Huang Tsung can only go to a local farmer family received the first sheep to do the processing point, but in the process of collection of sheep, the sheep he found the town not only less and less, but the quality is not good sheep, can very few achieve their own goat slaughter and processing standards.After some thought, he made a bold decision: the establishment of cooperatives, hoping to integrate the resources of local sheep.This will not only regulate the market, so farmers earn money, while ensuring their own processing plants supply.In those days, Huang Tsung put all the time spent on visits to farmers, because most farmers farming in the mountains, in some places not even open to traffic, he would walk.Hard work pays off in the yellow Cong efforts, there have been more than 170 farmers joined the cooperative.Cooperatives not only provided free of charge to sheep farmers, updates breeding species.It also established a trading platform.Huangcong Li with their own resources run transport links to many foreign businessmen to buy sheep cooperatives.No worries about the sheep market, greatly enhance the enthusiasm of farmers.Only half a year, the scale of farming cooperatives to develop only from a few thousand to more than 30,000 only.Huang Cong his income this year is expected to more than 8 million yuan.After several twists and turns, bold but cautious Huang Cong, and goats adjourned to the front, finally Yangyangdeyi to recommend the latest information sauna