“Hearts A” Murder


I especially like Susie looks at the table, no matter what the cards in his hand, both leisurely.He stood in front of a straight flush of hearts, knocking the last cards with a clean finger.Susie said: I want to see this cards, we should take the money.Laoxing first vent the fight, he said: Well, I do not play.Small Bi also deducted cards say: I have to leave home to taxi money.Only my pride and patted bill saying: Look all you worthless, I do not believe Zhang Hongtao A!Susie to my eyebrows, opened cards, circle away all the money on the table.Laoxing opened shutter doors, sun shine to a table full.Susie goes Hearts embraced a shallow light.We are a foreign trade company personnel overseas offices, attendance four people, habitually play Friday night card, then go to the corner of the restaurant to eat morning tea.I stood in the doorway, trying to breathe, Laoxing came from the back, patted my shoulder and said: Hey, you are the woman, not afraid of staying up late ah old fast.I shrug and say: Well old fast, save to let you guys thinking about satyr.Small Bi ran out from the toilet, yelling and said: Susie That kid does?How did the?No way?I looked back at the house, said he was here just the money it.Laoxing said: He will not be afraid to treat, run their own right!I was surprised to say: how could it?We stood in the doorway, he did not see how?Laoxing is always a head, waved generous, he said: Well, do not control him.Today I call it.It was seven-thirty in the morning, I checked all the doors and windows of the house three offices, locked the shutter doors.I did not see Susie, did not see him leave.Half past three pm, and I Laoxing police received a phone, called back to the office.Susie finally appeared disappearing, but he was dead.Small Bi came back for something, only to find him, upright, naked and lying on the poker table.Small Bi saw me and Laoxing, yelling to say: Hey, Susie was killed.Laoxing efforts Nuzui to the table, he said: I bet you do?They are placed in there!Susie died shape is very strange, lying naked, only one block A of hearts in the private part.His skin is thin and white, with blood on his neck purple Shiban.Small eyes Zhao police officer said: This is what the ah imitation?Adam, or Eve?According to forensic corpse speculated that Susie should die in five hours ago, very violent way, tapped broken Hougu.The die terrible, people will not immediately die, to be endured stinging a little bit of suffocation.Zhao police officer also was surprised, he said: This is a professional way, not practiced martial simply will not do.His voice faded, and I look to kick off Laoxing small Bi, he is our office the only people who practiced Sanda.Bi little surprised, staring eyes and said: I see why?My two erupted, where professional enough.Besides, five hours ago, I went to the sauna baths, a pool of witnesses it!So with his head, Laoxing also quickly spread hand and said: ah, five hours ago, I accompany my wife shopping, a pedestrian street of witnesses.Two of them quickly to push yourself clean, I can not fall behind and said: I am sleeping beauty sleep in the SPA, massage therapists can prove.Besides I lock hose power than a martial arts film, I said that I certainly do not come.Zhao police officer with his little eyes in front of the three of us looked around, said: What are you anxious?I did not say that you ah!To know why the killer undressed the deceased put a card you?According to statistics, eighty percent of the dead murderer to pose, in fact, in the form of fancy, hide the evidence.I guess the dead man’s clothes must leave something of the murderer, the murderer would take off his clothes destroyed.Susie Zhao police officer picked up the body of that card, exceptionally quiet tone, so that with this card go for his clothes who is the prime suspect.Is not this nonsensical?Not a murderer off of, Is there anyone?Zhao police officers face black face and asked: What do you look for anyone who is in this locker?Then, he went to a yellow lockers before, it is clear that the door has been opened people’s Identification Bureau.Small Bi stammered, and said: It is my, how the?Zhao officer slowly open the door, which exposed the laundry bag full.That’s what Susie’s.The original police officer Zhao remarks nonsense, here waiting.Small Bi could not help but scream: This is someone set me up!If Susie is small Bi killed, I absolutely believe.Not long ago, small Bi took great strength to pull new customers, and Susie was robbed.For this, they had a fight, and ultimately I did mediator.Laoxing in the side of the tongue, smacking his lips, leadership style on both ends: small Bi ah, you may do so wrong.Bi can be a little anxious, cried out: hey, Laoxing, how you say these words, you want to harm me ah Kill.At this time, the police took the clothes out of the locker room full immediately filled with a wave of faint scent.Scent is emitted from the pocket to the.The original, which has a beautiful transparent perfume bottle, unfortunately broken.Bottle hangs a heart-shaped paper sign, above a row of clean handwriting that read: my favorite small US.Little America the Beautiful full name is Xu is my.Small hidden gems like Bi like suddenly pointed at me and said: I expose, she and Susie had an affair.Later, she went to kick the Pan Gaozhi Susie, but Susie for her ton of bricks, hold it down.You little nonsense!Is not not do it?I am not saying this, but Laoxing, quite aggressive tone.His posture admitting their guilt, Zhao police officers listen to the music.He said: You are Miss Xu of the high branches of it?You’re not married yet?Small Bi was right, I dropped Susie, do a small three Laoxing.After all, he is the manager, for my future career prospects and the future of great benefit.But this time was traced to the insider, the time it does not, fix would get into trouble.I busy myself in the side to distance themselves say: Hey Hey, how can I hand that effort, he can pinch broken throat?That’s not necessarily ah!Zhao police officer said as he took evidence II.It was a silver metal wrench, the jaws of the package with soft cloth, cloth you know why?Because the only way to not scratch the surface of the skin, causing the illusion of hand attack.That and I have anything to do?I do not consciously improve the tone.Zhao police officer pointed to wrench the metal handle, he said: This is my colleague found in the bushes outside the window, despite the fingerprint has been cleaned off, but we found a few pieces of nail polish.Small Bi schadenfreude aside to say: it is pink!I subconsciously rubbing his pink nail polish hands in his pockets.Zhao police officer but glanced said: What possession possession?Collected samples, of a test, I know that is not the!wrong!I suddenly cried, Susie is not a three-point half-dead yet?We all have an alibi ah!I like this a reminder, Laoxing and small Bi are to the spirit.But at the side of Forensic said: Susie is not necessarily a three-point half-dead.You carefully look at the perfume bottle, to crack from the point of view, it is not crowded crack, is the cracking of.Big summer, but where such a low temperature?This only shows that the bodies after refrigeration, delayed corruption.If so you figure it, plus at least three hours.Bi looked back at the small sample release inventory freezer, sit there straight fingers forget for a long time, said: That’s seven o’clock half-dead.We have just finished cards.I looked at Laoxing said: Susie is at that time disappeared ah.At that time, alone and Susie had only Laoxing’s you!Laoxing anger, he looked at me, his face angry.He probably felt that since I had an affair with him, and he stood aside in respect of.However, all this to the children, and who Guan Dele who?Besides, I occupied the face of a cheap, I do not want to give the man’s birthright, I had the opportunity sullied, why not splash?So I quickly arranged to existing conditions at hand for a moment, as Laoxing compile a very high credibility story.I cleared his throat and said: I think of it, kick down the card, I stood in the doorway breathable, small Bi in the toilet, Susie at the table to count the money, you must be at this time I hurt him, put his body hid freezer.On the one hand you do not want to let us mistakenly think Susie invited him to dinner, secretly ran; on the other hand the bodies in the freezer, delaying the corruption of time, so you can not find proof of the presence of.And you after we separated and went back to the field office layout.You must be stealing my nail polish, she came up with debris scattered on the wrench.In fact, think about it, it has a stupid murderer?The weapon lost in the window, or the clots of blood hidden in his locker, unless someone is deliberately set me up and small Bi!Laoxing was dancing feet angrily said: Your dead woman, I dare harm nonsense.I have no reason to kill him?Of course you have!I screamed, Susie told me that you forced him to sign false contracts, corruption millions.Now the head office to send someone to check, you are afraid Susie reveal your secrets, so kill him to silence, let him be your scapegoat!Laoxing stammered: You talk about the evidence you speak!At that moment, I suddenly stunned, because I really thought the evidence, if the evidence is in Laoxing body, it shows that I said nonsense, all true.I was staring Laoxing face, he said: money, you old miser.Susie did not pocket the money we lost him last night, you said where the money went?Laoxing’s face changed color.And I pointed to the bag in his hand, said: that after you kill to hand the money away!Alas, one by one, you will not have time to put our fingerprints polish it!Zhao police officers listened to my colleague’s instigation, surrounded them and grabbed the hands of the bag Laoxing.He shouted themselves hoarse: he is to me, you can not say that with this I killed a man!Laoxing’s purses, there are two boxes of Chinese cigarettes, a Zippo lighters, a pair of white gloves and 3200 yuan in cash.This time, police officers Zhao spoke, he picked up the dubious Hearts A said: This surnamed Su, often win your money now?Because this card is special, is out of thousands using the card, the back can be an invisible mark.He carefully picked up Laoxing white gloves, if you put this card is empty-handed when, in fact, no big deal, you also played the deck, fingerprints can not explain what.However, if you try to be smart, wearing gloves touched this card, you will be worse.Because it will start sticking tiny silk fabric sleeve, as long as our colleagues in the back than on the Identification Bureau, they would truth.We ask you to go back and visit it.Laoxing surprised a moment, suddenly cried out: wrong ah, I was innocent, that’s not my gloves!Three months later, I was promoted to manager of the head office, sitting position Laoxing.Laoxing constantly appeal has always been upheld, because the Identification Bureau really goes on in the hearts armor, and he found a white silk fabric gloves texture exactly the same, no doubt has become irrefutable evidence.And about one evening this past summer, I unexpectedly received a letter that was commissioned by Susie panda slow delivery sent a Get It.I saw his familiar handwriting and clean – small United States, when you read this letter, I’m dead.I know this robbery obvious to go up.I signed up millions of false documents, but he ended up dead.So, I can not let go Laoxing, let him sit back and enjoy.In fact, I had already planned.After each small Bi card, will hold a toilet garbage belly, and you will always be up to the door in the sun.You stand in the sun look like, really beautiful.Normally, I would much appreciate, but this time I will use this time to win the money given to Laoxing.I took the opportunity to put a glove touched hearts in his bag.After that, I pushed him to chat with you, yourself hid freezers, etc. you left, then back to finish my program.Of course, I’m not in the freezer until the cracking perfume bottle come out, I just put it away wrapped in clothes Donglie.I have to do something idiotic little evidence to wronged you and Bi.I think you’re smart enough to make their own turnaround.So the police will believe you and it does not matter to this case small Bi.The hardest part, I use a wrench crushing his throat.Do not worry, this does not make me immediately die, I can also use the last effort, the weapon out of the window, covered himself goes Hearts A.Little America, in fact, my death, half is for you.Without Laoxing, you can finally be you know?I never blame you for some ridiculous interests and his mixed.Man-made financial dead birds for food, I have betrayed my own.However, you must remember, the way you stand in the sun, really beautiful.