“Rice flower” Young Marshal Caikai Yun: Win in China


His elegant, but a good heart; he was a low-key attitude of life, but the subject of attention; he was a silver spoon, but live on their own; because he pursued 100 Yoshitaka first, return to the family; though he is the industry’s new, but already formed their own insights cognitive and theoretical system.He is the Marshal China’s liquor industry, liquor hand easily intimidated, general manager of the top ten enterprises in Hubei rice flower Group Caikai Yun.Today, he is a unique concept and a war weapon, control the other side of the sail aboard the Hubei rice flower wine ten billion aircraft carrier toward large enterprises.Return to his father in mid-1972, Caikai Yun was born in Yichang, Hubei Longquan town Qinglongcun a future Wal-Mart prominent family.His father Tsai Hong-post from three three-cylinder started, the creation of today’s large-scale industrial enterprises in China, Chinese liquor top ten enterprises, state-level agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises – Hubei rice flower Group.On the ground, Tsai described as wealthy, known far and wide.However, such is born in a wealthy family Caikai Yun, but believe eat their own bread, their sweat flow, dependent on the weather reliably by ancestors, not a hero’s motto, he would not sit back in the shade of their parents, he embarked on a and father very different way of doing business – to study, apply for civil servants.In the local Procuratorate, Caikai Yun worked until 2006.Prompting Caikai Yun back Daohuaxiang Although many factors, which when pushed primacy of filial piety.In 2001, his father Tsai Hong-column seriously ill in hospital, rumors on a social time, banks have divestment, businesses wait and see, fears among staff.Fortunately father Heaven helps a good man, and finally to defeat the strong will hemiplegia, stood up again, this turn the tide in both the fall.It touches on Caikai Yun Tsai Hong-pillar and are great.Tsai Hong-column keenly aware that the succession issue related to long-term stability and sustainable development of rice flower, if not handled properly, it is possible to make rice flower again leaderless, a mess of the situation.For this reason, he thought of his son.Caikai Yun also lost in thought: not pro-peace, not man; not in accord with the pro, not for the child.Footer ill father to the rice flower is still run around, he is an only child not in his side, then there will be who is going to feel bad father, to help his father to catch a force?Procuratorate work, of course, be able to obtain their own independent Qingyu, but the glory of the family who will carry forward the cause of his father’s life who is passing the torch run?Have to say, the impact is enormous Caikai Yun father, the father of the cause, ideal firm attachment of pain difficult courageous, to remain for the benefit of society, so Caikai Yun great admiration.After careful consideration, in 2006, Caikai Yun finally came to the rice flower, he returned to his father’s side.Chiaki family heritage industry and the father of air swallowing rivers, different large-scale cooperation in the heroic style, Caikai Yun show is a typical teenager discreet, calm and reserved, sensitive to things and cautious in speech qualities of character.Which is why, at first some people even suspect that Caikai Yun can inherit the mantle of his father, the rice flower flourish.However, later proved these fears are completely unnecessary, Caikai Yun with their own practical action gradually dispelled all doubts about his.Caikai Yun back to the first leg of rice flower work is assistant to the chairman, he followed his father to get to know the external partners and dealers at all levels, internal contact with the staff of various departments, understand the business, familiar with the situation.With experience in the Procuratorate of hard work, careful, intelligent, Caikai Yun and improve their overall capacity and quality, and soon won a high-level group of recognition, but also by the support staff.In 2007, Caikai Yun, deputy general manager part-time rice flower wine, liquor companies magnificent development practice to provide him with a better platform for learning opportunities and exercise.He participated in the development of the company’s annual plan, large-scale promotional planning and the management system, the company management increasingly standardized procedures and scientific; his steadfast implementation of market development strategies chairman Tsai Hong-column, on the one hand the front line market research, vigorously promote the marketing staff and customer service stars of the market, strengthen executive power, on the other hand efforts to expand sales channels and marketing network, further highlighting the brand’s expansion rice flower power.As the saying goes, Gehangrugeshan, although Caikai Yun nurtured from childhood by his father at home, is no stranger to doing business, but really do it too hard, daily operation and management need to confront and solve the problem can be described as a multitude of things.In order to mature as quickly as possible, he often burn the midnight oil, overtime, eagerly learn modern management concepts.Encounters do not understand, he even humbly ask employees to other officers.During the transition both bitter and tired, but calm Caikai Yun can withstand his catch-phrase is: eat, adversity, square man Exalted.2008 May 17 to 19, famous historical mission to China and the era of responsibility for the theme of the second liquor East China Forum held in West Lake, Caikai Yun delivered a forum entitled “calls liquor legislation, according to the law to achieve liquor products management; advocated a liquor-based, development of circular economy “an important speech.His long-term perspective, combined with industry trends and rice flower pattern for the future development direction of liquor were discussed, has been highly praised in conjunction with the people and experts and scholars.At the same time, he suggested that the state has adopted the national liquor Dafa as soon as possible, he believes the legislation is to ensure that the system is the first step in the healthy development of the liquor industry, and the law, violators are prosecuted, but also China’s liquor industry, science, coordinated and sustainable development the only way out.Pay eventually return.March 31, 2009, at the Third Board of Secondary rice flower Group, Caikai Yun butterfly, gorgeous, rice flower Group successfully served as general manager, took over the baton rice flower this ten billion large enterprises.Continue beyond the mainstream of life should be indomitable self-obsession!Once the goal is established, it should be clung to a perseverance, no turning back, without hesitation, to go forward march toward the goal, so that life before the birth of the river flowing tolerance and style – Caikai Yun to have such a mind.Know yourself, design your own, constantly adjust their own, is a necessary step in life continue to achieve self-transcendence.Life is changing, the times are changing, also must constantly change.Under the general direction of a clear, continuing to explore and find their best position, continue to absorb and abandoned, the subject is a human life, which is summed up in Caikai Yun continuously explore the business success to victory.As one of the top ten liquor industry, rice flower influence in the industry can not be ignored, his successor, has a kind of character, temperament, white wine has a kind of understanding and views about the future, how about thinking and planning, which are undoubtedly outside the industry is very concerned about the topic.In this regard, Caikai Yun have their whole idea.In his father’s help, Caikai Yun will be refining their knowledge and experience, rising to the height of the theory, growth pole in the liquor industry development, respect means growth, long-term growth and so have formed their own theoretical system: First, the liquor industry new growth pole in the rural market.China has 800 million farmers, is the world’s largest consumer groups.For FMCG liquor industry, no matter what the factors are difficult or can not affect consumer demand for alcohol, we can say, Now is the activation of the rural consumer, the best strategic opportunity to start domestic demand in rural areas, rural start domestic demand may become a rescue medicine.Second, the liquor industry means new growth channels is infinite sink, implementation of the depth distribution.Under the economic crisis, to build a rural network is a unique opportunity.We need to turn their eyes to the rural market is full of opportunities, unlimited channel sink, to the implementation of the depth distribution, start rural consumption market.Depth distribution model on the one hand can minimize the company to develop a capital market risk; on the other hand, can mobilize the enthusiasm of dealers, the two sides form a real credit relationship, form communities of interest.Vendors must be a win-win thinking, develop core market dealers work together to create and establish a strategic marketing alliance partners integrity, this is undoubtedly the market building long-term stability of the law.Third, the basis of long-term growth of the liquor industry is to integrate the advantages of resources to achieve positive interaction.We want innovative marketing ideas, open wine e-commerce platform.With modern electronic technology and information tools based on the use of Internet expertise in information transfer and sharing of resources, cost savings, access to information, business management and other aspects play an active role.As e-commerce Yichang City Association, Caikai Yun know how for the market and open up the e-commerce market is to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation rare opportunity to re-shuffle.Caikai Yun accurately grasp the pulse of the times, the era of commercial operation ē have a deeper understanding.In addition to completing the strategic layout of the development of electronic commerce Yichang City, the rice flower Group for the application of e-commerce, he believes, liquor manufacturers have network infrastructure across the country, which provides a prerequisite for the establishment of e-commerce platform, as long as consumers in e-commerce platform scheduled commodities, will soon complete the delivery, directly to consumers.Under the leadership of Caikai Yun, rice flower Group has established a group within the office automation system, internal transmission of information companies more rapid, with his forward-looking vision for the large-scale e-commerce network platform is in full swing in preparation, a new network marketing ē network has been rolled out silently.To recommend the latest information sauna