Will you suffer the curse of “love dies fast”


In general, the words “show love and die fast” are used by single people, either out of envy or from sweet hurt.. However, in real life, it happened that there were so many lovely couples who really blew it off.. So you are still showing your love, will you suffer the curse of “die fast”? Let’s do a marriage test at once.. 1、. When you post photos of yourself and your lover traveling on WeChat, will you pay special attention to others’ praise???? Yes?? Not 2,. If you are lovelorn, will you pour out your feelings to your friends everywhere???? Meeting?? Not 3,. If you think your friend’s boyfriend is not well qualified, will you stop her relationship??? Meeting?? Not 4,. Can you stick to a relationship that no one likes???? cannot?? Ability 5,. When you start a new relationship, will you let your predecessor know on purpose???? Meeting?? Not 6,. Can you tolerate others pouring cold water under the photos of your show of love??  ?? cannot?? Ability 7,. Will a failed relationship leave you an indelible shadow for life???? Meeting?? Not 8,. Which of the following people do you least tolerate??? To rob a good friend or lover’s mistress?? People who like Crazy.Sex 9,. For unrealistic dreams of lovers, you will choose:?? Hit him?? Encourage him 10. Will you share your boudoir with your friends??? Meeting?? No.11. If you are unfortunately lovelorn, how long do you think it will take you at least to regain your strength???? Under one year?? More than a year 12, if accidentally derailed, do you think you have the ability to hide evidence of derailment?  ?? No?? There are 13, when your love meets the challenge of “the seven-year itch”, will you need help from your friends around you???? Meeting?? No 14, would you ask your lover to give you gifts on every special day???? Meeting?? No.15, do you think married life will be more boring than in love??? Yes?? Not A, Cursed Index The following contents: A My Love From The Star has a strong sense of self-protection, attaches great importance to his privacy, and will not reveal his emotional status to the people around him too much. Even if others specifically ask about it, you will not say it in great detail.. When you fall in love, happy you will not show your love frequently in front of people, but hide the sweetness in casual gestures, which makes people think infinitely.. In fact, low-key and conservative actions are more likely to leave endless reverie and make people want to know your true emotional state.. If you don’t want to arouse too much concern and greetings, then you should properly show the loving image of Michael Bu when he is with his lover.. How to Show Love Correctly: Don’t think too complicated about showing love. In fact, simple words can make people see your happiness.. B, Cursed Index The following contents: Two My Love From The Star are mature and stable, with high EQ, measured in doing things, and handled interpersonal relationships very well.When you fall into a sweet relationship, you can’t help sharing your feelings and want your friends to feel your joy.. In order to show your love without arousing other people’s antipathy, you who understand the ways of the world will use superb skills to show your happy love in front of your friends without making people feel uncomfortable.. Moreover, you have a good way of dealing with your own feelings. Even if you are lovelorn, it will not leave a negative impact on others. Therefore, you need not worry about being cursed for “showing your love and dying fast.”. How to Show Love Correctly The following contents: It is best not to show love casually in front of single friends, otherwise, no matter how good your skills are, it is easy to cause dissatisfaction from each other.. C. Cursed Index The following contents: Three stars, you are not confident enough, you care about others’ eyes very much, you regard love as an ornament of life, you can’t help showing your love and show of happiness on social networks, and you are afraid of being looked down on your life.. In fact, your heart is full of loneliness. Praise from others can only make you feel comfortable and happy for a moment.. In the face of emotional disappointments, you will try to hide the problem until there is no remedy.. As a result, others only see your love shining a flour, can’t see the crisis and cracks, once you fall into lovelorn, others will naturally think of “show love die fast” strange thing. How to show true love correctly: Don’t look at a single emotional life, basking in other advantages of yourself may arouse others’ imagination more.. D. Cursed Index The following contents: Panj Setareh, Desire, who has a flamboyant personality, a high profile, a good sense of self and a kind of performance hidden in his heart, hopes others can focus on you all the time. In social occasions, inside, in order to give people the impression of happiness, you always use different methods to show happiness and enjoy the envious eyes cast by others.. However, even the sweetest love will fade one day. Over-exaggeration will not only speed up the fading of the freshness of the love, but also make others mistake your love for losing vitality. Some even regard your love experience as a typical case of “show love dies fast.”. How to show the following contents correctly: to keep the mystery of one’s love, the irregular show of happiness can attract more attention and attention from others.. You may also like the following contents: Be prepared, your pursuers only need this time.? How many years is the best time to be apart from your lover?? I actually see Yan value! I finally lost it, but thank you for not choosing you? Have an ambiguous object? Don’t, first look at each other for you