“God Flute” magistrate


Ming Dynasty, Liaodong sea chow magistrate Fang Xiuren settle a lawsuit as a god.He is said to have a flute, flute playing the kind of magic that allows confession from the real criminals.Therefore, it is eight miles Township called him God flute magistrate.That day, Fangxiu Ren received a letter, just shortly after taking office of a local commander Defending written by his family out of a recent case, a home for many years of hard working maid actually poison in the meal.After the officer was sent, some tortured, but the maid would rather die than move.Defending heard people say Fangxiu Ren, so Xiushuyifeng, please Fangxiu Ren Ming off the case.Fang Xiuren reading the letter overjoyed, thinking themselves if they can climb and adults taking part in the relationship, the future will thrive.Think of this, he put the flute Defending hurried home.Defending see, Fang Xiuren respectful.Defending prepared under hearty food and wine in honor of him, Fang Xiuren flattered promise will certainly get to the bottom case.The next day, he Defending took him to prison.Fangxiu Ren saw that the maid a tousled white hair, the clothes, and blood, apparently suffered some torture.Looked up to see, this is God Di Fang Fang Xiuren magistrate, he will let you truthfully confession!Defending snapped.The maid slowly raised his head, staring straight Fang Xiuren.Fang Xiuren feel each other look reveals an murderous.Defending Fang Xiuren pat on the shoulder, he pulled out his cell.Fang Xiuren move the chair to sit down, start questioning the maid, but she always clammed.Fang Xiuren flute taken from the arms, blow up skillfully.Sometimes high-pitched whistle, sometimes keyed, such as when the flash great tide, when gentle like Hangyunliushui.Few notes down, Fang Xiuren surprised to find that the maid eyes wide open, nothing happens.As long as the former prisoner heard a siren, are mesmerized, this is how the?Fang Xiuren full of doubts, maid Youde spoke: This case is behind it is that you dressed in human skin this beast!Fang Xiuren heard that, shouted: You cunning woman, also framed the officer committed a felony, is really extremely vicious!I advise you to honestly confess, you might be able to keep your old life!Unexpectedly, the old woman sneered: You villain, done wicked things actually also fitted gentleman Fangxiu Ren angrily, rushed to the old woman severely beat a few ears.At this point, the cell door rattle as soon as opened, Defending with men walked in and felt somewhat Fang Xiuren this gaffe, quickly explained: adults taking part, you just have to hear it out?This woman fabricated framed Xiaguan Defending sullenly said: I want you to come off the case, do not want to find out what you did, kept himself pulled into the.It seems that you are worthy of the name ah God magistrate Di!Fangxiu Ren’s face flushed with shame, he really did not understand how it is.At this time, Defending said coldly: adult parties, since you have become suspect, did not find out before the fact, he finished first grievance about it, he can not Fangxiu Ren explained, he will be under house arrest.That night, lying in bed trying to think Fangxiu Ren, only to find that the old woman some familiar, but I could not remember who she is.At this time, the door was pushed open, Defending come, look and said mildly: the day make you frightened, in fact, I know you are innocent, but in order to avoid arousing suspicion, I first you shut up.Today Dongchang people but all-pervasive, the slightest mistake will they catch handle ah!Defending let Fang Xiuren relieved of some explanation, but when asked why God Defending flute failure, Fangxiu Ren shook his head.Defending said to look at that flute, flute Fangxiu Ren pulled handed over.Defending looked him that flute, playing up suddenly on the lips!So Fang Xiuren surprise, do not look Defending a military commander, flute playing skills of actually extremely skilled.Fangxiu Ren stunned, innocently listening to flute, blink of an eye, I just feel groggy head I do not know how long, Fang Xiuren stumbled was awakened, looked outside, there are people in front of a wrapped headscarf.From the point of view of body movement, clearly a young woman.The woman said: Jon, I’m coming to you, and quickly escape it with me!Then she pulled Fang Xiuren hand, easily out of the forbidden room.Two seven eight Shui turn out the government taking part, come a long way, and finally stopped next to the riverbank.Fang Xiuren are wondering, the woman said: after so many years, we did not expect to meet again.Fang Xiuren heart startled, and asked: Are you a woman take off the headscarf, strange smile: I love you Yurong ah!what!Fangxiu Ren suddenly limp to the ground, trembling and asked, Yurong, you, you are a ghost?Yurong suddenly angry: your own hands then I pushed into the river, of course I was a ghost!I have come that you repay the blood debt!Fang Xiuren scared knees, bowed as Daosuan, Yurong begging to spare his life.Yurong seeing this, a deep sigh: whatever the outcome, we are a husband and wife Well, I do not want your life, but you like to write a surrender, I took it to go into the underworld Hades, good early Takumi reincarnation.Fang Xiuren heard, repeatedly promised.Yurong do not know where to come up with pen and ink paper, Fang Xiuren immediately took it, then write their own crimes committed, and press the handprint.It turned out that thirty years ago, Fang Xiuren Beijing exam, the way was a bandit, cut into serious injuries, father and daughter rescued after Yurong.Fang Xiuren Yurong, who lives in the wounds, a pair of young men and women soon fell in love, then married.Yurong said to be the ancestors of rivers and lakes thief, her ancestral home with a flute, as well as prescription blindly ancestral drugged.Flute player who prior dose of antidote, then drugged and stuffed in flute playing, the audience powder is sucked into the nose, make people hallucinate.Even then asked about the secret of the problem, the other will come clean in a state of intoxication.Yurong father had no son flute and prescription passed Fangxiu Ren, and told him to obtain fame after the future, this method can hear the case.I did not expect this door for exclusive Fang Xiuren spell, actually secretly poisoning killed the father of Yurong.He wanted the future Panlongfufeng, fine, so he has designed the pregnant Yurong pushed into the river.Since then, Fang Xiuren a government official, but also to do so married to the daughter of a wealthy family, but did not last long, and soon that family offend officials, his family was ruined, his wife died of sudden illness.Fang Xiuren also been implicated, was demoted to the Liaodong Haizhou do magistrate.Fang Xiuren this time discredited in the face Yurong, Yurong sneer: Now that we missed in the mortal world, in the future we will meet the underworld.Having said sections away.Fang Xiuren want Hanzhu she suddenly suffered a heavy blow to the head, and fainted.When he regained consciousness and found that actually stood in front of two figures, one Defending the other was actually old woman!The old woman smiled coldly: You finally confessed the sins committed in the year!Fangxiu Ren stunned: Who are you in the end?The old woman stepped forward, pointing to his nose: I was being pushed into the river of you Yurong, I did not die!Over the years I bent on revenge, unhappy bad body, unhappy white hair turned out, when Fang Xiuren Yurong pushed into the river, did not know water of the river is choked Yurong dizzy, but fortunately was a fisherman discovered, rescued in time.Yurong her baby miraculously survived, she gave birth to son grief bosom, and her son, surnamed Li with their own, named Defending.Yurong pains to cultivate adult son, and later, Defending champion Wu admitted to the court is granted for taking part Liaodong.Mother and son believe the time has come for revenge, then carefully arranged, so Fang Xiuren step by step into the trap.Fang Xiuren God uniforms Yurong flute trick, of course not, she had to know in advance the drug dose.Yurong denounced Fangxiu Ren is a murderer, Defending as a justification of his house arrest, then arrange for a figure and looks very similar Yurong young woman prison raids, this field shenanigans that have.Fang Xiuren know the truth of shame, he begged forgiveness and son Yurong.Defending denounced: When you harm my mother, father and son we no longer love!Look at all these years you have for the people to decide cases on the justice points to spare your life, but I want you to resign my office, home Bimensiguo!Fang Xiuren final helplessly watched Yurong mother away, he stumbled and walked toward home alone.While walking, while he feel a little pain.He looked at the waves rushing river, blowing the flute again.Because he forgot to take the antidote, blowing blowing, the waves he saw a familiar face smiled down on him, that’s not it Yurong?Fang Xiuren trance muttering: Yurong, I came atonement!Said jumped into the river!To recommend the latest information sauna