“Silicon Valley Iron Man” Andy Herron.Musk


Silicon Valley entrepreneur Andy Herron everyone that Musk recently said he wants to retire on Mars.He was not kidding.Into SpaceX’s factory in the town of Hawthorne, California, with 1500 engineers are working for this goal.Factory door is hung a huge picture of Mars.In this huge former Boeing 747 manufacturing factories, we parked the Falcon 9 rocket and capsule-shaped spacecraft, they call the Dragon spacecraft.According to the plan, the Dragon spacecraft to carry supplies should be in early February this year, the Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station, for its resupply.Unfortunately, we plan to temporarily postpone due to lack of preparation.After all, this is the first time private companies spacecraft docking with the International Space Station.This is part of the $ 1.6 billion contract with the US company SpaceX Aviation Administration (NASA) signed.Musk has signed its ambitious plans well over 30 billion dollars worth a total of 30 contracts.Recently, a detailed view of the internal space capsule Dragon spacecraft is placed on his website for people to browse.The ultimate purpose of this capsule-shaped aircraft manned space flight, at relatively low cost travel between space and Earth.The fastest in 10 years, I have the ability to passenger aircraft to Mars.Worst-case scenario, 15–20 years is enough.Musk in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, said seriously.SpaceX company was founded in 2002 by Musk, a private company Space Exploration Technologies.Prior to this, he has created the world’s largest online payment platform PayPal and pure electric car manufacturer TelsaMotors.All three companies are currently operating well.The story of billionaire space enough challenge Hollywood.Plays billionaire and genius inventor Tony Stark (TonyStark) in the movie “Iron Man” in the famous actor Robert Downey Jr., the director once suggested that we should play the role of Tony Stark is good, the best Musk is and sit down and talk.Musk as before, is the stark reality of life.Turned out to space challenger day, Musk was lying in January 2002 in Rio de Janeiro on a beach sunning.That year he was 30 years old.He founded three years ago, Internet companies treasure, appeared to be on the market, so he seemed a bit leisurely.But his hand was arrayed a very serious professional books: “The basic principles of rocket propulsion.”.Musk repaired physics from the University of space exploration has extraordinary passion and dreams.But he was not a rocket scientist.A year ago he was planning a project called Mars oasis, a small experimental greenhouse plans to land on Mars, and then grow crops in the Martian soil.However, when the discovery and implementation of its R & D costs are too high, he suspended the project, decided to put himself into a rocket scientist.Later, PayPal is not listed.In October 2002, PayPal is eBay with 1.5 billion stock acquisition, Musk has 11.7% of the shares, or about 3.$ 2.8 billion.Before that, he set up SpaceX aims to study how to reduce the cost of rocket launch.It can be said before get the money, he have thought how to spend.He immediately put $ 100 million in SpaceX company.His ambition is to rocket launch costs currently commercial space launch market sharply lower ninety percent, and plans in the future development of the world’s largest rocket for interplanetary migration.Musk with hundreds of millions of dollars to the major aerospace companies to sell his idea.As a result, pre-loaded technology elite, including the nation’s largest engine manufacturer TRW liquid propulsion expert TomMueller, no one had manufactured his larger engine than the engine of the world; Boeing TimBuzza, when he was in there for 15 years Delta rocket test supervisor; McDonnell Douglas aircraft company chaired architect Titan rocket ChrisThompson.Like Southwest Airlines, Dell and other famous innovators, SpaceX company’s success is also the beginning of a series of small improvements costs are very low.55,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in California SpaceX, everyone is busy manufacturing rockets, there is no huge development laboratories, not a large group of doctors, there is no government subsidy.They used a lot of mature technology and sophisticated equipment, SpaceX of the company’s current main engine Merlin 1 vital injector from the Apollo program lunar module descent stage engine, the overall engine design from TRW Inc., TRW the company’s core designer TomMueller left TRW served as vice president of SpaceX propulsion sector.On their Falcon 1, and not a lot of patents, scientists do not care, as long as the rocket could fly on the line.The main rocket engine used is not the latest design in the 21st century, but antique 60s of last century, there is only one fuel injector.It is very old, but very reliable.SpaceX company in any weird way to save money would be sought after, as long as it is effective.For example, they do not have to buy a new theodolite (an instrument used to track the rocket’s orbit), but bought from a secondhand goods on eBay, save 2.$ 50,000.Falcon No. 1 according to a first cut portion is designed recyclable, it will drop into the sea.Rockets hire a professional salvage company to $ 250,000, but there are also sensitive equipment can handle commercial salvage company, and a company called tug – barge company agreed to salvage the wreckage of the rocket, as long as 60,000 USD.After SpaceX’s employees to disentangle themselves from thinking rocket scientist, they will look for inspiration from a lot of strange places.Thompson ever drove a truck after a milkman, he whim, can not be filled with fuel these large jar filled milk it?These are mass-produced stuff, very cheap, but not many failed.Can not we use something like it?He asked the manufacturers to meet, although finally realized that is not possible, but the possibility does exist.NASA To support the development of private sector space industry, very generous.NASA opened the technical part of the Apollo program, in order to be able to appropriate by the company SpaceX mission requirements and the overall design and development of rocket engines, NASA also allow them to use the test bench.US Air Force to provide them with a test site.Falcon 1 rocket three previous tests have failed, and finally the fourth test-fired successfully.Falcons No. 1 fee is $ 6 million, its closest competitor, the company’s Pegasus rocket science orbit, using the fee is $ 25 million.December 8, 2010, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched into Earth orbit spacecraft Dragon, which is the world’s first ever launch into space by private enterprise, and smooth reentry spacecraft.Shook the entire aerospace industry.According to NASA’s plan, when all US space shuttle in 2011 after retirement, will depend on companies such as SpaceX, a private company will supply supplies into the International Space Station.SpaceX company has signed a $ 1.6 billion contract with NASA to provide 12 resupply missions for the US astronauts on the International Space Station.A single fee of 1.$ 3.3 billion.And its commercial competitors – Orbital Sciences Corporation also reached a $ 1.9 billion contract with NASA to provide eight resupply missions.Single cost more than $ 200 million.He said: You can have a very cheap but very stable car, equally, this rule also applies to rocket.Iron Man’s real life if you never met Musk, you are likely to think that he was just obsessed with Star Wars is full of illusions of the rich.Yes, just as arms dealers “Iron Man” Tony Stark in, he was smart, suave romantic, love of luxury sports car collection, engage in a little inventions, can not long remain in a woman around.His two marriages were to split end.”Iron Man” director roles in order to enrich find him.In fact, he is far from Iron Man so chic.He is extremely busy, often more than to lie down in 15:00, we must rush to a meeting the next morning, fly to another city at night but also to participate in activities, but also taking the time to accompany his son to play 5.His friends comment on his target is very clear people.Last June, Musk spent his 40th birthday.In 40 years, he managed to transform itself from a South African Americans; to successfully design and sell a video game (in his 12 years of age); obtained two bachelor’s degree; involved in the design and sale of the Internet age a content publishing platform; served as chairman of the nation’s largest private solar company SolarCity suppliers; co-founded and investment treasure, the world’s largest online payment platform; able to participate in the design of aircraft brought new rocket space station, the price is lowest in the world, the world’s shortest development time; the creation of investment company produces the world’s first car that can accelerate within 3 seconds from 0-60 miles of electric sports car and successful production.The last three things, any one on ordinary people who are a remarkable achievement, he completed in full in the last 13 years.Adventurer born in 2008, is the lowest Musker.His three failed rocket launch, tens of millions of dollars in investment into a large fireball after the explosion, because development costs are too high, Tesla is also on the verge of bankruptcy.This ambitious two companies differ by only 400 miles, he was physically and mentally exhausted, anxious to split in half to save them separately.His first marriage also when a red light.2008 financial crisis, no one wants to put money to sell a book like a space travel for his seat sports car companies like Ferrari environmental protection, or.He stood Tesla’s office, told employees: either I put my money into either the company drained.So he wrote a check for $ 3 million, $ 3 million of his last.He also persuaded other investors, including the brothers into personal wealth will go to the company.Tesla solve problems, his next question becomes who borrow money tomorrow and spend all the money and had to borrow friends, including rent.For a moment, I thought I lost everything, marriage, the company would die.He says.June 2010, Tesla listed on Nasdaq, a few days ago in The New York Times broke the verge of bankruptcy listed Musk.After listing, Musk turn the tide in the book to earn 6.$ 300 million.The situation a lot better than in 2008, SpaceX company since 2007 to a profit, the US State Department of Energy Tesla 4.$ 6.5 billion in low-interest loans, and sold at $ 100,000 per lot electric sports car, and become the battery supplier Mercedes-Benz smart car.Toyota and Mercedes-Benz have invested in Tesla.But his paper wealth is still skating on thin ice.At the end of 2011 when he faced the media, always be honest now look back and think, all the rockets and the future of gambling in the electric car is risky.But he changed the subject, if I do not put, is the biggest risk, because the chance of success is zero.Doing business is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death if it looks appealing then he exposed meaningful smile.He was glad to just eat glass, still far away from death.To recommend the latest information sauna