“Good friend” Peter Chan Teddy Chen was very moved


Good friend, Peter Chan, Peter Chan Teddy Chen was very moved and Teddy met nearly 20 set.Teddy Chen Hong Kong versatile filmmaker, has done continuity, screenwriter, planning, co-ordination in 1993, he joined the Teddy Chen set up by Peter Chan, Cheung, Eric Tsang, who filmmakers, Inc. (UFO).His talent caused Peter Chan’s attention, he wrote the screenplay often get Peter Chan’s appreciation.Both sympathetic and like-minded, gradually became friends.Later, Teddy Chen directed a low-cost “late nine in five”, the film depicts a young glamorous nightclub life and the lost generation of youth.This is Peter Chan want to make movies, but Peter Chan is a famous entertainment healthy living molecules, he does not drink nor clubbing, and no experience in this area.He remembered a friend Teddy, my heart could not help a move: Teddy Chen love to drink, love drag racing, there is a nightclub open in Lan Kwai Fong’s cousin, he has a natural advantage in this area, to say the director Teddy Chen also always wanted to do.So, Chan decided to oblige, he said to Teddy Chen: Sanderson, you have experience in this area, it is better for you to take it!For Peter Chan’s good friend, Teddy Chen was very moved.”Late nine in five” controversial in Hong Kong, when UFO’s other partners, such as Eric Tsang, saw them turn and run away, they get the blame lower part of the film: do not do good, you ruin the company!The face of criticism, Teddy Chen ashamed Cross, want to give up to become a director.Chan encouraged him: Anderson, we are not afraid of them, we sincerely looks.As long as we efforts, I believe that one day you will get everyone’s approval.You are so optimistic that I can succeed?Teddy Chen asked.Yes ah, I have confidence in you!A Chan.He often plays Teddy creative first listener.In Chan’s encouragement and help, Teddy Chen shooting of several films at the box office and word of mouth is superb.Mid-1999, Peter Chan Teddy Chen joint film production company founded applausepictures.Teddy Chen to “spy video of the Rainbow” and “Purple Storm” in the Hong Kong film industry to emerge, when he was not satisfied with just a formulaic action film director, he wanted to make a some sense, a little connotation of movies.”Bodyguards and Assassins”, thanks to their friendship day in 2000, Peter Chan Teddy Chen found, about his movie idea: Peter (Peter Chan English name), I want to make a late Qing Dynasty as the background to the action movie.This would also like to shoot little people, you feel let a group of little people to protect a very important person in a chaotic background, so it’s an interesting story?Chan loud applause: That sounds very creative.But he then ask you a question, who do you want to protect them?Yes ah, who want to protect it?Teddy Chen suddenly been asked to live.Teddy Chen plagued by this problem for a long time.A chance, Chan remembered his father filmed to protect Sun Yat-sen as the theme of the film “utter hero”.Peter Chan would like to remake this movie before, but for whatever reason shelved.He thought of the idea Teddy, so the first time to this subject recommend it to Teddy Chen.Teddy Chen one, and immediately said: Sun protection this subject well.That night, Teddy Chen put the movie watching, and then excitedly started working to rewrite the script: the “utter hero” in a righteous replaced by six into group play.After the change script, Teddy Chen determined the amount of investment the film: 68 million Hong Kong dollars.This is an astronomical figure at the time.After a year of difficult financing, Teddy Chen had been friends with friendship groups offer quite get 68 million Hong Kong dollars investment.”Bodyguards and Assassins” this vast production from the beginning of the preparations for the numerous obstacles.In 2003, filming began seeing around the corner, but after another Teddy Chen experienced the SARS crisis, investors suicide, freezing of funds, the legal case, stroke mother died, my sister with cancer, car accidents, depression series of storm, he’s dreaming.Siege dream.Hong Kong with tall wooden build the old city, in the rain has been gradually eroded Chan do our best to help him and to recommend a set of heart and soul of course, to persuade him to leave Hong Kong – its stuck in there, it would be better Canada to take a break.Teddy Chen listened to a friend’s advice.At that Teddy Chen fengyuruhui years, the Peter Chan is like divine intervention in their careers: In 2005, he directed “Perhaps Love” in the mainland release, rave reviews; 2007–, a collection of Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro ” Warlords “landed at the end of Lunar New Year stalls, not only to break two hundred million at the box office, but also Hong Kong and Taiwan including almost all the film awards.Under brilliance, Peter Chan has not forgotten being bad luck buddy Teddy Chen.In 2008, “The Warlords” at the box office over two hundred million dollars that day, Teddy Chen sent a message of congratulations to Peter Chan, Chan was asked to call back: Sanderson, that you “Bodyguards and Assassins” can start shooting, and also do not shoot shoot?Teddy Chen said: shoot ah.Chan said: Well, we have to talk.Teddy Chen did not ecstatic, his concern is still the old problem: you have given me to build it tall city?When he said that to build this city, when ten people, there are seven and walked away, only two people to persuade him to give up, one of which is Peter Chan.This time Chan answered only one word: good!He personally served as the film’s producer, will soon find $ 23 million investment.End of March 2009, and Peter Chan Teddy Chen announced in Hong Kong, “Bodyguards and Assassins” was officially launched.Subsequently, the crew began filming in Shanghai.Boot for three days, Peter Chan Teddy Chen anxiously for a call: according to the current time, in mid-June endless sure shot.Actor schedule has been reduced for a month, how it looks finished yet?Unless some more people to help.Teddy Chen’s implication is that, as you have to shoot with it.Peter Chan Teddy Chen did not want to be a puppet director who refers to.So he had to say: do you enjoy blockbuster director bar!Shooting the first month, only to calm Peter Chan crew exploration classes two or three times, each time only to be twenty-three days.Not calm Teddy Chen, pressure to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, sleep every day, have a dream, dream in the filming, often wakes up at night screaming soon after cut.Every morning, he opened the curtains to see their dream city in sight, may this time, it simply becomes a city of Terror.After two and a half months.When the dosage of sleeping pills to the limit, Teddy Chen finally fell ill, he said to Peter Chan: I die, I’ll go crazy in here, I want to go back to see the doctor.Then he went back to Hong Kong.Hong Kong returned home after Teddy Chen phone off, even to sleep for four days.Teddy Chen’s current home, is driving crazy Chan.Chan began to give him a call Zhuiming chain, but each fight, are shut down.Chan worried, he really do not want to see his friend fall short.So Teddy Chen Hong Kong night rush home, patiently advised him to go back to return to work.After the meeting, Peter Chan Teddy Chen ranging from opening, said the first sentence: I really do not want to shoot, too much pressure!Peter Chan heart aware of the importance of this movie Teddy Chen, in order to friends and blow, he deliberately said: Henderson, I am not entirely in order to help you round a dream decades.I am a lifelong dream that came to take Best Film – Producer me but I did not shoot a movie.I’ve won Best Film Award, Best Director, Best Screenplay, but I did not took me by the producer of the best film award.To win the case, my journey Awards can draw a perfect end.So Anderson, as you have to help my brothers.Teddy Chen believed, he decided to help a friend complete Awards dream, but he knew afraid I can not single-handedly completed on schedule.At this time Peter Chan also aware of the problem, so he called the “Infernal Affairs” director Andrew Lau, ask for help.After receiving a phone Peter Chan, Andrew Lau came to Shanghai the next day with luggage.Lau and Teddy, Chan divided into three groups, also started in shifts.In their joint efforts, “Bodyguards and Assassins” finished on schedule.On “Bodyguards and Assassins” fixing dinner, drinking many years of Teddy exception drunk, he shook the hand of Peter Chan cried: Peter, thank you for helping me round in a decade dream.Peter Chan Teddy Chen embrace, he said with emotion: Sanderson, you see these words on the outside.All along, I always admired your innocence and insists.We are friends for many years as a brother, help me help you as.