“White collar” entrepreneurial farmers do not say sorry


Military service became a company white-collar workers, unwilling to 3,000 yuan monthly salary, resigned their own business over the past decade has engaged in a variety of career.There have been failures, there have been successful, but never regret their choice – eight in the morning, in the southern outskirts of the West Village Taicang a vegetable plot, to see the square being picked cauliflower Cheoy Lee.He is busy cutting cauliflower, while parties Cheoy Lee said: the period before the rice harvest, when cauliflower is the largest amount listed, the price is also good this year, and now the wholesale price of 2 yuan per kilogram, almost caught up with the market in previous years the retail price.Taking advantage of the high prices do not seize the time taken until after the closing of the rice, the price will come down.The end of 1992, 24-year-old party Cheoy Lee army veterans to return home for four years, for participating in flood relief outstanding performance during army, fire brigade were placed to the power plant in Taizhou, Lift the iron rice bowl.Less than six months of work, with excellent service levels during military forces, has been appointed as fire chief exception.In mid-1994 when the party Cheoy Lee monthly wage reached 3,000 yuan, becoming the envy of a white-collar workers.In early 1996, just married near side Cheoy Lee has made a puzzling move, resign, self-employment.The move was immediately met with strong opposition from his family, party Cheoy Lee elderly mother even to die onslaught, he does not allow his son to resign.Bent square Cheoy Lee eventually made the decision to resign.In early 1996, along side Cheoy Lee came together with fellow village of Shantou, Shanwei engaged in the acquisition of aquatic seafood, see a lot of local fishermen, seafood seaside shellfish are not a lot of interest, but this hotel is very large demand.To launch some of the older local fishermen picking up sea shells, and then he sold the hotel to buy cheap.In more than a year in Guangdong, he earned 30,000 Yuan.Later, the party has yet to Cheoy Lee Hefei engaged in wholesale tobacco and alcohol for three years, but income has been not too high.In 2000 the first month, under the leadership of the villagers, never have planted square Cheoy Lee two brethren to the southern suburbs Taicang package of 54 acres of land watermelons and vegetables.I did not realize that all year flood hit, invested 20,000 yuan cost of wasted.In the second reason and because the soil is still at a loss, no gain, two years, the loss of thirty thousand yuan.In early 2002, desperate party Cheoy Lee returned home to find a job part of the defense team, only a thousand dollars less than a month’s wages.Not willing to square Cheoy Lee took advantage of such a goof amateur chef enrolled in a training course.Since mid-2004, financial benefits and side huh factories, schools canteen contractor.Later, because the competition is too fierce, Fang Cheoy Lee once again unemployed.Earlier this year, in support of his wife, parties Cheoy Lee carries more than 30,000 yuan, Taicang came again, had the first experience of failure contracted land, Cheoy Lee Fang calm a lot, after several rounds of investigation, the final choice to West Village contracted land watermelons and cauliflower, cabbage.Six months down the wind and sun, a man lost a full circle.But let party Cheoy Lee was pleased that this year’s pay has finally paid off.Net income is expected to reach 50,000 yuan.Fang Cheoy Lee said that when he and his comrades went into the plant is now 6,000 yuan monthly salary.There was a lot of people asked him last ten years, so much for work, did not earn much money, not holding the iron rice bowl properly placed, resigned out of self-employment, do not regret it?Cheoy Lee Fang said the work in the company although high wages, people are not tired, but to and from work every day, no passion.Had decided to give up the iron rice bowl, is their own doing.For decades, eat a lot of pain, but because he had been a soldier of the people, can suffer, since the choice, do not regret it.To recommend the latest information sauna