“One-Armed Angels’ hopes of a small village


Pneumoconiosis is a disease due to long-term work in dusty environment caused in recent years for many migrant workers occupational diseases.In Chongqing Zhongxian Stubbs Town taro Dutch village.Migrant villagers more.As early as 5 years ago of dozens of pneumoconiosis patients registered in the book.Due to poor economic conditions, many villagers lack of understanding of the disease itself, not to lose confidence in mining.Just when the small village was shrouded in the haze of despair.Han Jialan disabled villagers began to study pneumoconiosis, a disease eventually disperse villagers with knowledge learned.Son infection pneumoconiosis, one-armed mother to help themselves November 14, 2011, Chongqing Zhongxian long period of rain early sunny weather, finally ushered in a sunny day.In Zhongxian Stubbs town taro Dutch Village an empty dam 7 group, a one-armed silver-haired old man, he was standing with a group of pneumoconiosis cordial talk in the sun.She is the 65-year-old Han Jialan, is regarded as a spiritual pillar of the elderly, it has strong.Han Jialan 7 years old bitten, forever lost his right arm.She did not write like a normal child, to school age go to school enrollment, the local elementary school rejected.Sudden turn of events did not overthrow this strong girl.Every night she went to night school literacy classes during the day while helping parents to do farm work, while taking the time with his left hand holding the tile, stone and other struggling to repeatedly practice writing.She was 10 years old, the local primary school teachers and principals are touched by her spirit of hard work, the initiative to come to ask her to enter the school.Elementary school that year she was 16 years old, despite the desire to study, but poor family conditions did not allow.Han Jialan not make things difficult parents, and soon accepted the reality, from farming the fields of labor, and the fate of rivalry.Han Jialan 17 years old, was elected village branch secretary, married three years later fell in love with Wang Chaokun the same village, and has given birth to Wangqiu Hong Wangqiu Hua and two sons, one four enjoyable.However, things change, on a day when Han Jialan flies gusto, unfortunately, come.1979 mid-spring, Han Jialan family built a new house, to be built on in the house, her husband Wang Zhaokun accidentally fell from the roof, and broke the spine, can no longer engage in physical labor, heavy work at home full-body fall into the Han Jialan a person.Then two small children, Han Jialan by his own perseverance, teeth propped up the house.In the 1990s, rural young adults began to work outside the home, Wangqiu Hong Wangqiu Hua two brothers and mother in order to reduce the burden, but also drop out of school to earn money Zhejiang.Two brothers very sensible, both live frugally month, we will pay to send home.However, it did not last long, the family’s misfortune after another.In March 2002, working out of Wangqiu Hong and Wang Qiuhua two brothers suddenly returned to his hometown in Chongqing, saying not prepared to go out to work.The reason is the son home to take care of elderly parents, can Hanjia Lan always feel that there is a problem which, until it was discovered two sons just a little dry a little heavy work will be tired and out of breath, her heart suddenly heavy up.In the Han Jialan pressed several times, the two sons tells the truth.It turned out that Wangqiu Hong Wangqiu Hua and two brothers have been working in the coastal factories, although high wages but poor working environment, production workshop is often shrouded in dust.Two years ago, Wangqiu Hua feel unwell, go to the hospital have been found suffering from pneumoconiosis, soon Wangqiu Hong also found suffering from the same disease.Since the plant is not regular, they do not get the appropriate compensation, afraid of their parents worry about, it has been to conceal the truth.Han Jialan is a humble woman, I never heard what pneumoconiosis.She thought that it should not be a terminal illness?Two sons disease can be looked at quickly, and she was very anxious, hurriedly asked his son: This disease can be cured?Expected to be difficult!Anyway, by the maintenance chant.Son Wangqiu Hong said.In fact, they do not know can not cure pneumoconiosis, just two years recurrent disease, so some of them desperate.First, the body does not allow them to go home to stay for another heavy work, another reason is also like to take activities properly honor their parents look.However, they are not at home for a month, it has emerged chest pain, cough, shortness of breath and other symptoms.Can not let his son die like this!Han Jialan some sit still.As she pulled hard two sons to the county hospital for treatment, while around to find remedies.With the gradual understanding of pneumoconiosis, she found that the disease is not so terrible, as long as with the treatment, while the necessary psychological counseling, the disease can be controlled.In fact, her two sons still in the first phase of pneumoconiosis, but because of the disease do not know, mental collapse, the disease has been compromised.Han Jialan decided to give his two sons to do psychotherapy.Son, we go home, you have this disease I was bottom, die!In late April 2002, Han Jialan again with two sons to the county People’s Hospital after reading the patient, confidently said to them.Wangqiu Hong two brothers do not know, except this time the mother to take them to the hospital, but also to the bookstore to buy the treatment of pneumoconiosis introduction and maintenance of books and a dictionary.She wanted off now, to help the two sons out of the shadows.Founder of the rehabilitation center, free save the villagers want to cure pneumoconiosis, first leaving the original dust working environment, more importantly, maintain an optimistic attitude, confidence to overcome the disease, active exercise.Do you think the sky is falling yet?Mother’s day have collapsed many times, but I did not what to lose this life back home, his wife and children together to Han Jialan two sons do ideological work.Two sons nodded.Since then, Han Jialan according to conditions in rural areas, to get up every morning wake up my son, then running along the village together with them, breathe fresh air between the mountains.However, such a simple training methods, Wangqiu Hong and Wang Qiuhua insisted only two days hanging back.Mom, you know is good for us, but drugs are incurable disease, exercise can work it?Better to let a nice comfortable spot in the last few years.Moreover, rural people early in the morning to work, but we Xiapao around the village, they saw not a joke ah two sons invariably tell their own truth.Han Jialan occasionally see someone pointing to his son in the back of speculation that the prime of life of the brothers in the end what strange suffering.Others say they do not want you to kill!I checked a lot of information, said to cure this disease must establish confidence and strengthening exercises, but doctors say the Han Jialan still with his son every morning to exercise, and take good care of their diet, so nutritionally balanced.In the evening, a busy day, she never forgot to talk about the heart and son again, completely dispel their fear emotions of pneumoconiosis.After this exercise a month, villagers have had little curious about this family, Han Jialan more people directly to inquire about her two sons in the end what ails.Han Jialan not cover does not cover the clean breast of his son’s condition.In July 2002, Han Jialan exercise with his son for three months, the two men’s condition has been improved significantly.At first, his two sons run every few hundred meters, you will not stop breathing, stop and rest for a while request.Three months later, when the rest of the runners son less and less time, and sometimes also Han Jialan far behind.All this, Han Jialan see in the eyes, joy in their hearts.This October, Wangqiu Hong and Wang Qiuhua after the mother’s intimate treatment, the condition under control, the body back to health.In order to make a better life for their parents, two brothers and confidently go to the coast to work.Jia two sons suffering from pneumoconiosis news had spread in the village, and now they are calmly outside the home.It seems that there is nothing in the ordinary, but some are suffering from the same disease devastated the village is undoubtedly a great news.Since then, there Gesanchawu suffering from pneumoconiosis villagers Han Jialan home to inquire about the treatment recipe.When Han Jialan to tell the truth, do not believe the majority of patients, some even blame she does not love, do not want to help others.It made Han Jialan emotion.Two sons in helping to control the disease, she slowly against the disease had a keen interest.In her view, son six months of exercise you can return to work, if they then delve into some professional knowledge, you can not save more patients do?Soon, the village something happened, Han Jialan and more determined fight against pneumoconiosis.2003 One day, Han Jialan see a man named Zhang Tiehu neighbors have a lot of days not out of the house after the Spring Festival, ready to go and see.Zhangtie Hu’s parents died young, he went out to work very young, 30 years old, not married, until six months ago came back to the village, and rarely go out.When the knock on the door Han Jialan Zhang Tiehu, but found the door ajar, long time no answer.Suddenly, she smelled a pungent smell wafting house, and my heart Yi Zheng, a premonition that something hurriedly went into.All eyes let Han Jialan dumbfounded: Zhangtie Hu sat on the bed, tears in their eyes blurred, holding a bottle of pesticide is ready to drink.Critical juncture, Han Jialan ran over and grabbed his hand and a pesticide.Let me just die.Zhang Tiehu lying on the bed, like a child crying in despair.Zhangtie Hu also due to go to the city to work suffering from pneumoconiosis.He will work up the money you spend treatment, but no cure disease.To be able to marry a wife, he has been keeping his illness, but later found more serious illness, not any person to take care of, even their own labor is gradually lost.Zhang Tiehu felt like a basket case, so only the idea of suicide.After listening to Zhang Tiehu tell, Han Jialan shocked: you’re young, how do you want to go to ruin?My two sons had pneumoconiosis, is not it good?As long as you listen to me, you can recover this body.Zhang Tiehu of Han Jialan if dubious, Han Jialan will tell the mentality of their own treatment of his two sons, and he patiently enlighten.Finally, Zhang Tiehu wipe tears, he promised not to fudge.Subsequently, Han Jialan as it was to save his son, like, so Zhang Tiehu day as she plans to exercise.Zhang Tiehu welders to do a long-term inhalation of dust suffering from pneumoconiosis, and has developed to the second period, if not properly recuperate, it may progress rapidly to advanced pneumoconiosis.After Han Jialan access to relevant information, tell Zhang Tiehu some notes on the treatment of pneumoconiosis.However, after several months of training, Zhangtie Hu’s condition has not improved markedly.However, during this period he also began to accept this harsh reality, pick up confidence in the future.Blink of an eye another year, in March 2004, Zhang Tiehu exercise under the guidance of Han Jialan, the condition began to have some improvement.With this fall, Han Jialan help him reach a woven basket work.Knitting basket is not hard physical labor, Zhang Tiehu fully able to cope.In this way, Zhang Tiehu side treatment, while looking forward to the future for a better life.In order to cure the disease Zhangtie Hu, Han Jialan began to actively charge.She traveled extensively, learning pneumoconiosis prevention and treatment knowledge, his own pocket to purchase various medical books.She believes himself the first to do chest with the ink, in order to better coach others.Because of the special concerns of pneumoconiosis, Han Jialan gradually learned that young workers out of the village, mostly to do manual labor in the construction industry, although earn some money, but a lot of people and therefore suffering from occupational diseases.Among them, it is the most common form of pneumoconiosis.Since many people go visit a sick cancer would want to immediately shut ourselves up, he refused to disclose their condition to others, resulting in more delay the more serious condition.In mid-May 2006, Zhongxian of self-service stations for Disabled Foundation has established a disabled person, they often come to see the taro Dutch village of pneumoconiosis.Han Jialan after that to the staff asking themselves where this village, as much as dozens of pneumoconiosis patients recorded in the register!Han Jialan think that he can help the two sons since the control of the disease, can also help other people to control the disease, she decided to village bringing together all pneumoconiosis, as they do psychotherapy, leading them to actively exercise.A month later, Han Jialan have made their home into a pneumoconiosis rehabilitation center, and put a sign at the gates.Because of this poor condition of the no drug treatment rehabilitation centers, and home to the Han Jialan to treat patients with very few.Armed angels hold up the small village of hope in order to persuade people out of the house in the village of pneumoconiosis treatment, Han Jialan no less to work.She began by broadcasting the village of persuasion, but the effect is not good.Then she will pneumoconiosis knowledge handwritten, into a Zhang Zhangxuan flyers, sent one by one child to pneumoconiosis, and advised them to their own rehabilitation centers, and work together to overcome the disease.Let Han Jialan asking this question is that, even if she was persuaded by one door, many patients do not want to accept her free treatment, and some patients even denied his illness.Since it can not convince others, we must use the facts speak for themselves!The end of 2006, Han Jialan with five home treatment of pneumoconiosis to start primary exercise, let them face their own illness, rehabilitation to regain confidence.Depending on the patient’s condition, only this one treadmill exercise to trouble a lot of jokes.A terminally ill to walk fast to breathe, let alone with everyone running together.Han Jialan often and less severely ill patients twenty-three ran some distance, you have to hurry to stop and go back and forth to people left behind, because the patient once frail and fell on the dangerous.At this time, Han Jialan slowly realized that to do rehabilitation center more difficult than the original treatment of sick son.Then, gradually adding another patient rehabilitation.Since there is no rural fitness equipment, the patient can not be too much intensity exercise, Han Jialan thought to want to, and finally came up with a way – frame a rehabilitation exercise fitness!Knitting operation is not easy for a woman was.Han Jialan first primary entrance to a nearby watched the students between classes to do the broadcast gymnastics, then the special circumstances of pneumoconiosis, the deletion of some of the difficult moves, compiled a set of frail patients with pneumoconiosis can accomplish aerobics.Later, Han Jialan and constantly modify, delete some of the more rigid actions, make the whole operation finally bigger way.Patients jokingly said it was Han Tai Chi.Some villagers said that this is the farmers yoga.In October 2007, Zhang Tiehu was at last be well controlled, he is engaged in weaving work has also been a great improvement, life gradually on the right track.He became even more pleased that, under the auspices of Han Jialan, he and a neighbor girl tied the knot, and lived a happy life.However, in the Han Jialan through their tireless efforts, gradually make this nightmare had just awakened in the small village back to life when, unfortunately, come to her again.In March 2008, Han Jialan Wang Chaokun husband passed away due to illness.The day of the funeral, Han Jialan crying in pitch darkness.She is full of remorse for her husband’s departure.The past two years, almost all of her thoughts are with the people who help pneumoconiosis, neglect has been frail husband.Fortunately, very understanding of her two sons, she continues to help support the village people to get rid of the disease pneumoconiosis.Her charity, also changed some of her patients had suspected.The village is a 62-year-old Yan Guanghu qualifications older pneumoconiosis, is thought most of these patients a stubborn.As early as five years ago, he suffered from pneumoconiosis due to work and, after treatment of more than a year, ran out the real situation, but the condition has not improved, and later had to rely on crutches to walk.Especially in the winter, is suffering tough, every breath of air, feel as uncomfortable Heartbreakers.He completely lost confidence in life.When Han Jialan just opened a rehabilitation center, he refused to extend a helping hand Hanjia Lan: I have this disease myself clear, you do not pity me!You want to be able to cure me of this disease, the doctors estimated that the country did not eat the summer of 2008, Yan Guanghu been around a fresh example touched, changed its view of Han Jialan, we came to Han Jialan rehabilitation center, offered to try her method of treatment.With one like this old fogy Yan Guanghu initiative put your life into the hands of Han Jialan to her house to do rehabilitation of pneumoconiosis growing gradually, when up to 30 people.More patient, not only managing up more trouble, but also encountered a more serious problem: Some late pneumoconiosis, want to completely recover very difficult period of treatment but not significant effect, they gradually lost faith in their words and deeds are other patients susceptible to rehabilitation centers.How to do?Therefore, we can not isolate these patients with advanced bar?Han Jialan repeatedly thought, finally came up with a way of helping their business, the ability to restore self-reliant, so that they can be more active in the face of life.Han Jialan county and the relevant units to discuss screening for some of these patients some of the production techniques, such as weaving, animal husbandry, embroidery.Han Jialan efforts were not in vain, through her tireless efforts, is old and the terminally ill Yan Guanghu also mastered weaving skills, earn 2,000 yuan a year of money, enough living expenses.Plus after active exercise, the condition does not continue to deteriorate, he began to re-summon the courage to live, full of hope for the future.Because the selfless help of pneumoconiosis, Han Jialan fame gradually spread out, have called her a one-armed angel, someone is affectionately called her Korean mother.Han Jialan who has a laptop, above the dense record with the situation in her rehabilitation centers treated 56 pneumoconiosis.Today, these people are living well, which more than 30 workers to return to the coast, another 10 people in the home business.The end of 2010, Zhong Han Jialan won the title of Top Ten civilized people; early August 2011, the top ten pacesetter award ceremony held in Zhongxian Stubbs town government, she also won the title of model waist down.Only on their own hand, Han Jialan not only change their own destiny, but also hold up the village more than 50 people want to pneumoconiosis.Through her efforts, pneumoconiosis disperse the haze of life, to their desperate hearts sent warmth and light.