“Welfare love coupons”: This girl should not consume so youth


He not only active gestures girl, also gift him a love coupons welfare, in the face of heaven Aventure, why should he opposed cutting edge?Strange Rape: a leisurely cup of tea November 15, 2009 morning, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Public Security Bureau received a report after the satyr of crime: the area of one-star hotel with a vicious rape and murder occurred.Local police immediately rushed to the scene, smell of blood filled the entire room.202 luxury suites in this hotel, I saw a young woman lying naked in a pool of blood.While the women’s 120 ambulance to a nearby hospital, police retrieved the incident was informed the hotel camera: a middle-aged man rushed out after the injured woman from the room, disheveled ran out of the hotel, disappeared on the street.After the hospital, Ms. victim opened his eyes, the first thing they begged waited at the bedside of Interpol: quickly quickly catch pervert.Interpol informed the woman off from the victim tells, she Mingjiaohongbi, now 26 years old, Chongqing City, who two weeks ago was a trick Ningbo Wei Ming Jiaolv silver male friends to Ningbo.Hong Bi To maintain chastity, desperate resistance, the use of violence to succeed Lu Wei silver, and an attempt to cover up the crimes of adultery murdered, Hong Bi escaped only pretended to be dead.Local police attention to the awful Jian Shaan, hotel information feedback allows the police was surprised.Strange, it is like a pair of lovers ah, how rape could happen?Every time to see the man arms around the woman’s slender waist and out.A waiter described.Yes, two days ago I have to apologize They do.Rooms reflect the waitress said to the police, the day 9:00 into the room cleaning before she knocked on the door of health and nothing happened, that the guests go out to eat breakfast.When the waiter opened the door with a key and found that men and women naked in bed.After the waitress left the room, she was afraid of guest complaints trespass private space, at noon to the street to buy a bag of fruit apologize to the couple.The police reaction hotel so confused, at this moment, lying in a hospital ward Hong Bi sticking out of a satyr fine on the spot of underwear, tearfully recount the numerous crimes Lu Wei silver.According to hotel check-in identity information, Sperm DNA identification confirmed Lu Wei silver is not a pseudonym, he was aged 42, is an enterprise in Ningbo City Engineer.Quite astonished wonder: If he is a pervert, why to use their real identity check hotel?If he is not a pervert, why should lay violent hands on his mistress pain?Secret investigation by the task force learned that Lu Wei silver have a family, wife to work in a public institution, gentle and virtuous.16-year-old son had the next higher grades were excellent.Units and neighbors react, Lu Wei silver and his honest, family harmony, how could he suddenly become a grim murderer and rapist does?Only catch Lu Wei silver, all in order to get to the bottom.The police mobilized a large number of police roadblocks set up the card and issue Xiechatongbao surrounding areas, to prevent the rapist fled.Just then, a strange thing happened after another.3 days after the incident, Lu Wei silver shadow flashed in hospital.He secretly went to Hong Bi victim’s room, with a large package wrapped in small supplements, even went to Hong Bi whispering.When the nurse on duty went into the ward, Lu Wei silver smiling big swing big swing out of the ward.This guy is too insolent!Police suspect the suspect got into a hospital ward second attempt to assassinate Hong Bi, more strict surveillance.At this point, it was found that Lu Wei Ningbo City, a silver tea is a leisurely cup of tea.When the police come up with a shiny handcuffs, Lu Wei silver behave not panic, he said, laughing to Interpol: Hong Bi things and I do not need you to worry about.Lu Wei silver after his arrest, denied rape, murder and more of the screaming injustice, said: If I kill Hong Bi, a knife can be killed, which she also had the opportunity Yeah alarm?Lu Wei silver confession and Hong Bi awareness through to the police, awful bizarre happened Jian Shaan hundred and eighty degree sharp turn.Heist: Beauty marvelous free lunch in late September 2009, Lu Wei Hong Bi encounter with silver online.Found from the video chat, Hong Bi soft white skin, looks pretty, soft-spoken Johnson drops, so could not help but Lu Wei Xin Jing Shen Yao silver.Lu Wei was silver in the sense of excitement at the same time, I felt very low self-esteem.Bi Hongbi because he is 15 years old, and ugly, plus Hong Bi is a graduate student just graduated from prestigious universities, Lu Wei silver afraid the other party look down on their own, they move out brother in law to raise their own identity.Lu Wei’s brother in law heard that silver is in Ningbo, a real estate company executives, at the mall and officialdom have a lot of friends, all of a sudden came the spirit of Hong Bi, Lu Wei silver urge to help her find a desirable job in Ningbo.No problem, it all to me.Lu Wei silver in front of webcam boldly promised: such as Ms. Hong endowed with both beauty in our coastal areas of Zhejiang will be able to duck to water, a dream come true.Since then, the two frequently chat on the Internet, often talking late into the night before finally off the assembly line.In order to win the trust and affection Nvwang, Lu Wei silver not only about his upbringing, marriage and family circumstances will also truthfully advertised Hong Bi.To this end, Hong Bi mature man praised his steady and reliable, charm.When finished, Hong Bi also their phone number and told Lu Wei silver, so he flattered.Initially, Lu Wei thought Nvwang silver fishes in order to get a job, he said compliments.Later, Hong Bi issue some kind of hinted to him with body language, Lu Wei silver fell from the sky just feel Aventure.One night, Lu Wei silver open network camera, in front of the scene that he rapid heart beat, blood spewing.I saw Hong Bigang from the bathroom, wearing a very flimsy beige pajamas, curvy body looming, across the computer screen he seems to be able to smell the beauty of body fragrance I can help you introduce the work, nor is it gratuitous.Lu Wei silver evening drink a lot of wine, using alcohol to embolden him to return to Hong Bisuo: things are after, you give me a hug you?Hong Bi laughed off the question, left Wei Lu silver unlimited imagination.After more than a month online acquaintance, who went to Hong Bi Ningbo, Zhejiang.Lu Wei found the silver Nvwang elegant, more beautiful than the image of a video chat.That night, the first time I saw Lu Wei silver Nvwang tried to show their gentleman, after a stay of Hong Bi settled, turned and wanted to leave the room.Just then, he heard screams Hong Bi: cockroaches!The room has cockroaches!Lu Wei silver back to search around in the room, but not the shadow of cockroaches.At this time, Hong Bi like a frightened bird, a flutter in the arms of silver Lu Wei: I was afraid of cockroaches, you do not go tonight.Lu Wei silver instantly knew everything, he will take advantage of Hong Bi to bed only had to ask for a hug expect its return, and now things have not accomplishing, female graduate students to devote one-night stand, Lu Wei silver pillow feel the beauty straightforward enough.So, the next day they found the silver Lu Wei brother in law firm when lobbyists.Brother in law is to face her husband, promised to receive female graduate students, and instructed the Director of Personnel specific formalities of employment.Lu Wei silver back to the hotel, did not tell the good news Hong Bi, his brother in law lied to travel in the provinces, after a week in order to return to Ningbo.At this time, Lu Wei silver playing a small abacus, an attempt to Nvwang more than lingering a few days, and then sent her to a new unit of work.Hong Bi did not look anxious, her arm during the day Lu Wei silver arms shopping, award night to Lu Wei silver hot kiss, as if in a dream Lu Wei silver.In order to disturb from the outside world, he simply turn off the phone.Blink of an eye a week later, seven days Dianluandaofeng let Lu Wei feel that they pocketed the silver.So he intends to real estate companies led the Hong Bi Personnel Department to enter into an employment contract.Unexpectedly, Hong Bi has raised a request: I would like to direct interviews with your brother in law, others do not want to see.Lu Wei silver can not help but surprised a moment, he sit up, think of this week, Hong Bi not only asked him for designer clothes, gold and silver jewelry, but also spoiled ask for a laptop.Today, work problems have been implemented, but she insisted separate interviews with company executives, Lu Wei vaguely aware of a silver, all the way to the front of the female graduate students is not intended to cover.Lu Wei feel that things did not dare to introduce his brother in law silver.Hong Bi saw his concern, not force, in turn, requires Lu Wei silver introduced to other big boss.Lu Wei face surprised to see silver, Hong Bi idea takes clear: As long as you have successfully introduced the deep pockets of the big boss, I will not ill-treat you.Hong Bi immediately promised: Within three years, my monthly accompany sleep for two nights, you think of it?Until then, Lu Wei silver suddenly realized: the original is a professional female graduate students vixen, her ultimate goal is to catch a big fish, silver Lu Wei is just a bridge.After ascertain the true intentions of Hong Bi, Lu Wei hit a sum of silver that no this business, can not lose.He Qiazhiyisuan: as long as their go-between, you can enjoy free sex 24 times a year beauty lunch, there are 72 three-year ecstasy Night!Hong Bi commitment is tantamount to give Lu Wei love being a silver ticket.He never dreamed, female graduate students this eclectic welfare vouchers not only failed to bring peach blossom, also became his lingering nightmare.Way in which?Welfare vouchers to move mass annihilation November 7, 2009, Lu Wei silver began to bustle for the welfare vouchers, he will be locked in the first goal of his classmates who Jiangnan University.To recommend the latest information sauna